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Search My Courses by Keyword

Having trouble locating the equivalent course in your catalog? Use the SEARCH MY COURSES BY KEYWORD and FIND COURSES CONTAINING THE FOLLOWING KEYWORD(S) function to assist with locating a possible equivalency from your institution’s catalog.

  • Select the appropriate dataset for your institution.
  • Check the keywords that you would like to have included in the search. In this example, the words “INTRODUCTION” and “CHEMISTRY” were automatically identified and selected. You can deselect any of the default words and/or add keywords of your own.
  • Select either “Course contains ALL the checked items” or “Course contains ONE of the checked items” and click the SEARCH button. TES will search for these keywords in the course titles and in the course descriptions of your institution’s courses.


The resulting search will display any courses in the corresponding dataset with both the word “General” and the word “Chemistry” in the course title or course description:


  • Use the puzzle piece icon image) to CREATE the equivalent for the TES database. You will be asked to Confirm the navigation to Equivalency Manager to create the equivalency:


Click here if you would like to proceed to the Create the Equivalency section of this manual.

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