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Search by Geographic Location

Use the SEARCH BY GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION feature to locate all the schools within a select mile radius of a selected city. This can be really helpful, particularly to help a student find a replacement course (a course that they can take at another institution and transfer it back to their home institution to satisfy a particular requirement). For example, let’s say a student tells you that they live near Minneapolis, MN and would like to take a course there, over the summer, to satisfy an English requirement at your institution. Use the geographic location feature to locate schools within a certain mile radius of Minneapolis to evaluate their courses as possible equivalents.


You can then search through the datasets for these schools to see if you already have equivalencies defined for their courses, or to see what courses might be equivalent to courses you offer.


  • Click on the arrow button for any of the schools that display to see their course catalog(s)/dataset(s).
  • Create an equivalency or create an Evaluation Task for any of the courses that the student is interested in taking.  
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