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Route course descriptions and proposed equivalencies to faculty and staff for evaluation. Track the approval process and add notes as needed. Store the results as an equivalency, if desired, and the log of evaluation activity for later review.

The TRACK menu is used to access Evaluation Tasks assigned to an individual. This is the place where faculty and advisors view their tasks and make the equivalent determination. Current tasks and closed tasks can be viewed. E-mail Reminders can be sent for outstanding reviews. If your institution is not using the Evaluation Tracker Workflow, these queues will be empty. Staff that do not have the Evaluation Tracker User Right assigned will receive the following error message when attempting to access the My Evaluations and the All Closed Evaluations menu items (which will still display, but will not be accessible):


For staff that have the Evaluation Tracker User Right assigned, at institutions that are using the Evaluation Tracker Workflow, there are three queues associated with the Workflow: MY EVALUATIONS (ASSIGNED TO ME and CREATED BY ME), ALL OPEN EVALUATIONS, and ALL CLOSED EVALUATIONS. There is also a feature to send E-mail Reminders to evaluators that have outstanding evaluations. We will start by taking a look at the MY EVALUATIONS queue.  

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