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My Evaluations

All evaluations that are either assigned to a particular user, or created by that user, will appear in their MY EVALUATIONS queue. Opening the MY EVALUATIONS queue allows the user to access them. For TES users that evaluate potential equivalencies and that only have the Evaluation Tracker User Right assigned, it is recommended that they set their MY EVALUATIONS queue as their default login page using the User Preferences feature under the MANAGE menu.

The evaluation tasks assigned to the individual display in the ASSIGNED TO ME queue. The number of tasks for each institution displays in (red) beside the Institution name.

  • Select an institution to view the tasks.
  • Select an evaluation task to see the details. In the example below the task was created, a suggested equivalent course was added, and then the task was routed to a reviewer for evaluation. The evaluation log tracks all of the activity (read the log from the bottom up). The decision is attached to the evaluation log after the reviewer logs into TES and reviews. This log is attached to this evaluation in TES so that you can review these actions at any time. This information is stored with the evaluation task, and – if you store equivalencies in TES – as part of the course equivalency. It will not be accessible from the Public View or to users that have view-only access.

The Activity Log, in particular when combined with the Equivalency Edit Log, replaces the paper and/or e-mail trail that you would otherwise have to keep in order to review how this equivalency was determined. The Activity Log – which is reflected as the Evaluation Log in a defined equivalency – is available for all evaluation tasks, whether your institution stores equivalencies in TES or not. It exists whether or not an evaluation task results in an equivalency or is simply closed.

The CREATED BY ME queue allows an individual that creates Evaluation Tasks to review the in-process evaluations that they have created. In order to create an evaluation task, an individual would need both the Equivalency Manager User Right and the Evaluation Tracker User Right assigned. If an individual does not have the Equivalency Manager User Right assigned, their CREATED BY ME queue will be empty. 

  • Select an institution to see the pending evaluation task(s).
  • Select the task to view the details of the evaluation.
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