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Send E-mail Reminders

As we saw earlier in this Guide, if you try to send a duplicate evaluation, TES will display an Alert that a similar evaluation task exists. Rather than dupliate the task, TES provides a way for you to send out an e-mail reminder to all evaluators with pending evaluations.


Any user with the Equivalency Manager User Right and the Evaluation Tracker User Right has the ability to send e-mails to Assigned Users that have Open Evaluations.

Use the filter dropdown lists to narrow the list down to the evaluations for a specific institution or by the age of the outstanding evaluations tasks (or both!)

  • Filter by a Specific INSTITUTION:

  • Filter by the AGE of the evaluation task:

  • Filter by both the INSTITUTION and the AGE of the evaluation task:

  • Click the checkboxes in the far-left column to select particular evaluators or click CHECK ALL to select

  • Click the image button to compose the e-mail reminder.

  • A reminder e-mail reminder will be sent to each of the staff selected. The [x] will be replaced by the number of outstanding evaluation tasks for each user from the list above. Each e-mail will be sent BCC (blind copy) so that no one will see anyone else’s outstanding evaluation tasks. You may elect to send yourself a copy of the e-mail if so desired. All replies to the e-mail will be sent to the school e-mail address of the individual that initiates the e-mail reminder.


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