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Send E-mail Reminders


As we saw earlier in this Guide, if you try to send a duplicate evaluation, TES will display the previous evaluation tasks for the selected course(s). Rather than duplicate a pending evaluation task, TES provides a way for you to send out an e-mail reminder to all evaluators with open evaluations.


Use the filter dropdown lists to narrow the list down to the evaluations for a specific institution or by the age of the outstanding evaluations tasks (or both!)

  • Filter by a Specific INSTITUTION:


  • Filter by the AGE of the evaluation task (>2 DAYS, >5 DAYS, >10 DAYS, >15 DAYS, >20 DAYS, >30 DAYS,>60 DAYS, >90 DAYS):


  • Filter by both the INSTITUTION and the AGE of the evaluation task:


  • Click the checkboxes in the far-left column to select particular evaluators or click "CHECK ALL" (the checkbox next to the NAME label) to select the intended recipients. If you have more than one page you can switch pages and all the checks previously entered will be retained.


  • Click the E-mail button to compose the e-mail reminder.


  • Click Send
    A reminder e-mail will be sent to each of the staff selected. The [X] will be replaced by the number of outstanding evaluation tasks for each user from the list above. Each e-mail will be sent BCC (blind copy) so that no one will see anyone else’s outstanding evaluation tasks. You may elect to send yourself a copy of the e-mail if so desired. You will get a copy of every e-mail sent (you may want to set up a mailbox rule!) All replies to the e-mail will be sent to the school e-mail address of the individual that initiates the e-mail reminder.


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