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Equivalency Manager

The first screen of the Equivalency Manager displays a list of the institutions that you have one or more equivalencies defined for in TES. In the Equivalency Manager you can create, edit, and/or delete equivalancies. Select an institution to view the list of equivalencies you have defined for their courses.


  • To open the Equivalency Manager, point to MATCH and click on the Equivalency Manager menu item.


  • Select an institution using the button, and the list of defined equivalencies displays. Once you have selected an institution there are many searches that you can perform on stored equivalencies:

  • Search by Course Code – enter a course code and then select the appropriate radio button, Transfer Course, Home Course, or Both.

  • Search by Effective Date – select Active for current equivalencies, Inactive for those equivalencies that have an end date in the past, or Show All to see both Active and Inactive equivalencies.


  • Select how many Records to be displayed Per Page:
    • The default option results in 25 records displaying per page.
    • You can also select either 50 or 100 records per page.
  • Use the image button to clear out any previous search.
  • Any selection can be printed (image) or e-mailed (image).

Once you have selected an institution, the Equivalency Manager allows you to VIEW and edit existing equivalencies. You can Add new equivalencies for the selected feeder institution. You can create Transfer Guides, Articulation Agreements, and any other organized list of course equivalencies using the Groups feature (which includes Groups and Group Reports). You can review and clean up duplicate equivalencies using the DE-DUPE tool. Additionally, the Equivalency Manager provides a view that will allow you to see all the source/feeder school’s courses that you do not have equivalencies defined for as yet, particularly if you are interested in proactively adding equivalencies.

All of these tools allow you to maintain and improve your existing equivalencies and add additional equivalencies to improve the transfer relatinship(s) your institution wants to foster.

  • To re/view the details of the equivalency click the image button to the far left of the selected equivalency.

The equivalency view displays the courses that are part of the equivalency, including their descriptions. The Header information includes the effective date range (if applicable), the Public View status (hidden or revealed), and any Public and/or Internal (private) notes for the current equivalency. The “paper trail” of all the history for the equivalency displays at the bottom of the equivalency view. The Creator, Title, E-mail address, and Date, and Time of creation for the equivalency is included in this information. If an equivalency was created using the Evaluation Tracker Workflow, an Evaluation Log would display. If an equivalency was created directly in the Equivalency Manager and/or if an equivalency created in the Evaluation Tracker Workflow has been subsequently edited in the Equivalency Manager, an Equivalency Edit Log displays. Neither of these logs will be displayed in the Public View nor in the Equivalency Finder for a staff member with view-only access. The buttons at the top of this view will allow a user with the Equivalency Manager User Right to edit the Header, change the equivalent course(s), and/or delete the equivalency. We will look at these features in the next section.

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