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Edit or Delete Equivalencies

You can edit two different elements of an existing equivalency: You can edit the Header information and/or you can edit the equivalent course(s).

  • To edit the Header information, click the image button – change, add, or remove the Effective Date Range, change the selection for Public View Hide?, and/or change, add, or remove Public or Internal Notes.

  • Click the image button to save your changes (or click the image button to reject your changes).

To edit the courses in the equivalency, click the image button – change the existing course(s), add additional course(s), and/or remove existing course(s) from the existing equivalency.

  • Click on the image button to the left of a course to remove either the transfer or home course from the equivalency. You have to have at least one course on both sides of the equivalency, so this button might be dim (unavailable) until there are two or more courses on the selected side of the equivalency.
  • Click on a image button in the list of courses to add either a transfer or home course to the equivalency.
  • If there is only one course on either side of the equivalency, you must add a new course before you can delete the course you want to replace.

  • Click the image button (top-right) when you have finished editing the equivalency.
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