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Group Reports

Once you have completed all the Groups that you want, you can create the Group Report(s). When you are ready to create a Group Report, click the image button.

  • Enter the Header information for the Report:
  • Report Title (upper and lower case doesn’t matter, as the name will appear in all upper case.)
  • Subheader Text [optional]. Using HTML codes will allow for bolding, underlining, italics, paragraphs, etc.

  • Click the image button to accept the title and subheader. 
  • Use the image button for each Group to add the desired Group(s) to the Report.

  • As you add the Groups, they will display under the header information.
  • Add them in the order you want them to display on the Report.

  • Once you’ve added all the groups, click the image button to see what the Report looks like.

  • The report may be printed (image) or e-mailed (image).
  • You can edit the Header with the image button and/or edit the Groups with the image button at the top of the screen. You can also delete the Report with the image button.
  • When you are ready for the Report to be displayed in your Public View, Edit the Header using the EDIT HEADER button and remove the checkmark from the HIDE FROM PUBLIC VIEW? checkbox.

  • Click the image button to save the change(s).

Reports can be used to present Articulation Agreements, Transfer Guides, or anything else you might need a list of equivalencies, grouped by topics for. If you have formatted the Report to be visible in the Public View, it will display under a GUIDES link in the Public View.

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