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Equivalency Search: Export To Word


Once you have your equivalencies selected you can use the (export to) Word button to export the list of equivalencies to a table in a Microsoft Word document. You can use this process, for example, to produce a list of the equivalencies you may need to update if a change to your curriculum will render them obsolete. Another scenario might involve a new Department Chair that wants to review the existing equivalencies defined to courses in their department. No matter the reason, this feature can be used to generate a quick and easy list of equivalencies, based on prescribed parameters, that can be exported out of TES and stored in a Microsoft Word table.

  • First, make your selection using the EQ Search button.
  • Then, click the Word button to export the list to Microsoft Word.


  • The browser you are using will determine how the export file will "display".

    • In Firefox, a popup will display:

    • In Chrome, a button will display in the bottom-right corner of the window:

    • In Internet Explorer, a message bar will display at the bottom of the window:

    • In Microsoft Edge, a message bar will display at the bottom of the window:

  • Open the export file to open Word and view the table.


  • Enable editing to edit the document.

  • Save the file if you want to retain the file or if you want to send it to someone as an attachment.

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