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Multiple = True


If you have equivalencies with multiple target courses (one-to-many or many-to-many equivalencies) where one or more of the target courses has had a title change, a units change, or has been removed from the catalog, you will see a check in the Multiple column. This alerts you to the fact that you have an equivalency that has multiple target courses. Equivalencies with multiple target courses cannot be edited using the Health Check Reports. You can edit the detail information for these equivalencies in the Equivalency Batch Editor. To edit the target courses of these equivalencies, however, you will need to edit these equivalencies in the Equivalency Manager.


  • To edit the detail information for the related equivalencies (for example, to End Date them all).

    • Go to the Equivalency Batch Editor and click the EQ Search button.

    • Enter the Course Code and click the Equivalent Course radio button.

    • Click Search button.

    • Click the Batch Edit button to edit the Detail information for all the selected equivalencies.

  • To edit the actual equivalencies.
    • Use the list generated by the Equivalent Course search in the Equivalency Batch Editor to VIEW each equivalency to find the Source/Feeder Institution.
    • Go to the Equivalency Manager, select the school, VIEW the equivalency, and click the button to change the existing course(s), add additional course(s), or remove existing course(s) from the equivalency.
      • Select the data set.
      • Select the department.
      • Click on the button in the list of courses to add either a transfer or home course to the equivalency.
      • Click on the button to the left of a course to remove either the transfer or home course from the equivalency.
        You do need to have at least one course on both sides of the equivalency, so you will receive an error message if you try to remove the last course on either side of the equivalency before you add the new course.
      • Click the Done button to complete your edits and update the equivalency.
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