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Equivalency Explorer: Course Tag Audit


This report is primarily intended for use in state systems where a coordinated General Education (or similar) tagging system is in place.

The tool assembles a list of courses from an institution that have one or more associated Course Tags. This list is then compared to a set of equivalencies. To use the Course Tag Audit Report, open the Equivalency Explorer.

  • Click the radio button for the Course Tag Audit Report.


  • Click the Submit button.


  • Select the institution using the arrow button to the left of the row.


  • Select a Data Set for the transfer institution.


  • A list of all of the courses with Course Tags displays.

    • If you have an equivalency defined to any of the courses, "YES" will appear in the EQ EXISTS? column.

  • To view the course details for any of the courses in the list, click the arrow button next to the course code.


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