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Equivalency Explorer: Course Tag Audit

This report is primarily intended for use in states where coordination of a general education (or other) tagging scheme is in place.

The tool assembles a list of courses from an institution that have one or more associated tags. This list is then compared to a set of equivalencies.

  • Select the institution using the arrow button to the left of the row.

  • Select a Data Set for the transfer institution:

  • A list of all of the courses with Course Tags displays. Nothing is being evaluated. The EQUIVALENCY INFO column will display your equivalency (if you have one) to the source course. The DETAIL column will show an UNDETERMINED link for the courses that don’t have a defined equivalency, or a VIEW button for those that do.

  • Click the UNDETERMINED link to create an equivalency or an evaluation task. (A message displays)

  • Click OK to view the Course Description.

  • Proceed using the puzzle piece to search for or create an equivalency, or use the  icon to create an evaluation task and route the course through the Evaluation Tracker Workflow to have the course evaluated for an equivalency.

  • Once you have created equivalencies, they will be displayed in the report.

  • Where equivalencies exist for your institution, you will see the equivalency listed. If you want to view details, click on the  button to the right of each line.

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