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User-Added Courses

User-Added Courses
The User-Added Courses feature allows you to add Departments and Courses to your TES data set that don’t actually exist in your catalog.

There are times where you will evaluate an incoming course and you will want to transfer it in, but you may not have a direct equivalent. There may be other times that you do have a direct equivalent, but you would also like to convey to the student that the course may also help to satisfy other requirements - General Education, class standing, etc. There may be other times that you may evaluate a course and determine that you will not accept it in transfer. These situations typically call for what you may refer to as pseudo-courses or placeholder courses. In TES, we call these User-Added Departments/Courses. 

Users that are assigned the Equivalency Manager User Right may create departments and course numbers that are not officially in the catalog. These User-Added Departments (UADs) and Courses (UACs) can be used as “wildcard” or “elective” targets for the courses in the examples described above. You can also use them to award additional transfer credit for a course from the sending institution that carries more credits than your institution’s course, etc.

UADs and UACs are added at the data set level, similar to your traditional course catalogs. There is also a Migrate feature to allow you to migrate (copy) them from one data set to the next.

  • Point to Match.
  • Click on User-Added Courses.
  • Select your Data set.


  • To add UADs, click the +Add Dept button.
  • To add UACs, click the +Add Course button.
  • To migrate (copy) UADs/UACs from one data set to another, click the Migrate button.


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