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User-Added Departments

The User-Added Department feature allows you to add departments to your TES dataset that don’t actually exist in your catalog.

 Consider the two following scenarios:

  1. SCENARIO: You have courses from a source/feeder institution that you have evaluated and you have determined that they will not transfer. Do you want to have to re-evaluate the same course over and over again, each time another student tries to bring it in? Or, would you rather document that you have already evaluated it and save all that time in the future? To document the work that you have accomplished, you can define an equivalency to a course that designates that it will not transfer. You
    can add a User-Added Course to store this equivalency, but the next question is do you want one, “universal”, does-not-transfer course, or do you want to add one to every department in your catalog? SOLUTION: The most efficient way to do this would be to add one, “universal”, does-not-transfer course, and the best way to do that would be to add a User-Added Department to hold this course. For example, you can create a User-Added Department called NO TRANSFER, and then create a User-Added Course in that department to equate all the courses you will not accept in transfer to.

  2. SCENARIO: A feeder institution has an Architecture program, but you don’t. However, the Chair of your Construction Management department has decided that those courses will transfer in to your program. They would like it to be differentiated from the course offerings in the department at your institution, so they ask you to set it up so that is clearly distinct from the courses offered by their department. SOLUTION: Create a User-Added Department – ARCHITECTURE – to hold the course(s) that the department wants the incoming Architecture courses to be associated to.

To add User-Added Departments to your TES dataset, click the button to the right of the User-Added Department(s) section.

  • Add a Department Name and a department Abbreviation (Department Code) and click .
  • Add as many departments as you need.

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