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Find Equivalencies attached to User Added Courses

The list of User-Added Departments includes a list of the number of courses (#COURSES) in each department. The list of User-Added Courses includes a listing of the number of equivalencies (#EQS) that each course is included in. To see the equivalencies that are attached to your User-Added Course, click the #EQS link. The institutions with equivalencies tied to these courses will be displayed. Remember, these User Added Courses were added to an equivalency by selecting a dataset. To see the courses attached, you need to view the dataset that holds specific User-Added Course.

  • Click on the #EQS link to see the list of source/feeder institutions with defined equivalencies that include this target User-Added Course.

  • Click the arrow for the institution you would like to review.

  • The Equivalency Manager opens to that institution and the Home Course Search filter is automatically populated with the search criteria for the selected User-Added Course.1
  • Click VIEW to review (or edit) the equivalency and make any changes that you would like to.

1 This method only identifies the equivalencies to that specific User-Added Course (from that specific dataset) within that institution. To find all equivalencies defined for a particular User-Added Course, use the Equivalency Batch Editor and enter the User-Added Course in as the Course Code (home course).

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