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Updating User-Added Send Courses


Let's say you want to update a User-Added Send Course, Department, Data Set, or perhaps even the Institution. For example, perhaps you just create a quick course to identify it, and then you find a better description for it (maybe the student finds their syllabus) and you want to update it. Perhaps you want to extend the data set to include another year of courses (so you don't have to recreate the entire previous year(s)). Perhaps you need o clarify the User-Added Institution name so that staff at your institution don't mistake it for an actual institution for which there are official catalogs in TES. Changes that you make to these elements will propagate throughout any existing equivalencies that you may have defined. Let's take a look at updating the User-Added Send Courses.

Updating a User-Added Send Institution
  • Point to Match
  • Select User-Added Courses
  • Select the Transfer Data radio button


  • Click Submit


  • To edit a User-Added Institution, click the Edit Institution button
  • The Edit Institution box displays


  • Make your changes


  • Click the Update button to save the changes
Updating a User-Added Send Institution Data Set
  • To change the Data Set, click the Edit Data Set button


  • Make your changes


  • Click the Update button to save the changes
Updating a User-Added Send Institution Department
  • To change the Department, click the Edit Department button


  • Make your changes


  • Click the Update button to save your changes
Updating a User-Added Send Institution Course
  • To change the Course, click the Edit Course button


  • Make your changes


  • Click the Update button to save your changes

Changes you make to the Send Institution/Data Set/Department/Course(s) will propagate throughout TES.

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