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Course Tags and Outlines


TES allows you to add Course Tags and/or Course Outlines to any course in your own data set(s).

Course Tags are generally used when there are system-wide or state-approved codes corresponding to courses from that system or state’s institutions - but where common-course numbering has not been implemented. Institutions within that system tag their courses to indicate the instructional elements that are guaranteed by that course. Institutions within the system use these codes to facilitate the evaluation of the equivalent coursework. Institutions outside of the system that understand the codes can also take advantage of them to facilitate the evaluation of transferability.

Course Outlines are generally attached to courses by institutions that regularly transfer students out. The evaluation of the course is facilitated at the target institution through the additional information provided by the course outline.

If your system or state has codes that you would like to have added to TES, please provide CollegeSource a list of codes with titles. The list will be added to TES for you. Once the list is added to TES, a TES Administrator can assign Tags to their courses.

Both Course Tags and Course Outlines are assigned at the data set level and need to be migrated to other data sets in order for them to be available in those other data sets. 

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