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Course Outline Migration


Course Outlines are attached to courses at the data set level. There is a migration feature that allows you to display those outlines in subsequent (or prior) data sets. 

  • Point to Match and click on Course Tags & Outlines. 
  • Click the Migrate Course Outline button in the upper right hand corner.


  • The Source Data Sets are the data sets that you have attached Outlines in.

    • The COUNT is the number of Courses with attached Outlines in that data set.

  • The Destination Data Sets provide a target to migrate the Course Outlines to.

    • Select a SOURCE DATA SET radio button.

    • Select a DESTINATION DATA SET radio button.

    • Click the Submit button.


  • Duplicates will automatically be detected and will not be migrated.


If you have Outlines attached to courses that exist in the Source Data Set, but that do not exist in the Destination Data Set, those courses will not be added to the Destination Data Set. Just the Outlines that are on courses that exist in both catalogs/data sets will be migrated.

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