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Course Outlines

Course Outlines are intended to allow TES Administrators to attach learning outcomes, curriculum outlines, etc.; not syllabi. Institutions reviewing the course for transfer would then be able to easily identify the course objectives when assessing its’ transferability. Staff with the TES Administrator User Right have rights to attach these outlines to courses at your institution. Course Outlines must be in .pdf format and be smaller than 4MB in order to attach one to a course. Much like the User-Added Departments and Courses and Course Tags, Course Outlines are applied at the dataset level, and can be migrated to other datasets.

  • Point to Match and select Course Tags & Outlines.

  • Select a Dataset.

  • Select a Department.

  • Select the course to add an Outline to.
  • Click the  button to browse for, and load, an Outline file.

  • The Outline file must be in a .pdf format, and must be 4MB or smaller to attach it.

  • Click SUBMIT to attach the Outline.

  • The Course Outline will then be displayed within the course description for all TES clients to view. The Outline will also be displayed in the Public View.

  • Clicking on the icon will display the Course Outline in another browser window.

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