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Course Tag Migration

Course Tags may be migrated from one dataset to another. Click the COURSE TAG MIGRATION link in the upper right hand corner.

  • The Source Datasets are the datasets that you have tagged courses in; the COUNT is the number of tagged Courses in that dataset (even if a course has more than one tag, it will only be represented once in this count).

  • The Destination Datasets are the datasets that you can migrate your courses with applied Course Tags to.

  • Duplicates will automatically be detected and will not be migrated.
  • Select the Source Dataset and Destination Dataset and click the  button.

If you have Tags applied to courses that exist in the Source Dataset, but the courses do not exist in the Destination Dataset, those courses will not be added to the Destination Dataset. Just the Tags that are on courses that exist in both catalogs/datasets will be migrated.

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