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Course Tags

Course Tags are intended for use when there are systemwide or state-approved codes corresponding to courses from the system or state’s institutions where common course numbering is not in place. For example, if a system certifies that certain courses will meet a core or general requirement at a particular institution, and that consequently, they should be accepted in transfer at each of the other system member institutions as satisfying that same requirement, a tag assigned to the course in TES will easily represent this certification. Institutions accepting the course would then be able to easily identify which core requirements a transfer course should satisfy, even if they don’t have a direct course equivalent for the transfer. Staff with the TES Administrator User Right have rights to attach these tags to courses at your institution. Much like the User-Added Departments and Courses and Course Outlines, Course Tags are applied at the dataset level, and can be migrated to other datasets.

Course Tags need to be added to your TES database by CollegeSource. Use the contact us link on the COURSE TAGS AND COURSE OUTLINE MANAGEMENT screen to send us a list of your Tag Codes and Titles. Once these are added, the TES Administrator can attach the codes to your courses.

  • Point to Match and select Course Tags & Outlines.

  • Select a dataset.

  • Select a department.

  • Select courses by department.
  • Select the course to add Tag(s) to.
  • Select the appropriate COURSE TAG(s) and click the  button.

  • The Course Tag will then be displayed within the course description for all TES clients to view. The Tag will also be displayed in the Public View.

  • To remove a Course Tag, simply use the same process detailed above to remove the checkmark(s) from the checkbox(es) for the course.

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