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E-mail Alert default status

When you create an Evaluation Task in the Evaluation Tracker Workflow, there is a checkbox that, when checked, sends an e-mail message to the Evaluator that a task is assigned to. When the checkbox is unchecked, an e-mail alert will not be sent. The TES Administrator can set the default status for the SEND E-MAIL ALERT checkbox on this page.


  • Set the SEND E-MAIL ALERT Default to ON/OFF and click SUBMIT to set it.

    • Best practice is to have it set to “ON”.

    • Regardless of the status established here, staff creating individual Evaluation Tasks will have the ability to check/uncheck it themselves.

  • No matter what status the Default is set to, it can still be changed in each Task as it is created.


  • This status is set to “ON” by default.

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