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E-mail Address for Equivalency Details


When an equivalency is created in the final step in the Evaluation Tracker Workflow, the details of the equivalency can be automatically sent to an e-mail recipient. The TES Administrator adds the e-mail address to the ENTER E-MAIL: box on this page.


  • When an evaluation results in an equivalency, the full details of the equivalency will automatically be sent to the recipient listed in this field.


  • This is an optional function. No recipient address is required. If the function later changes to a different person, enter the Manage>Evaluation Workflow screen, clear out the old address, and add the new one.

  • If you would like multiple staff to have access to the equivalency details, you will need to have your e-mail system administrator create a group e-mail address (e.g. that those multiple folks will have access to. Do not add multiple e-mail recipient address to this field. Doing so will result in the Close and Create Equivalency process not completing as expected.

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