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Public View Management


The TES Administrator has access to deploy and/or customize the Public View in TES. The Public View will publish all of your un-hidden equivalencies, Groups, and Group Reports. Any equivalencies or reports displayed in the Public View will automatically update with any changes in the underlying TES database, making it a very flexible and efficient way for you to publish your equivalencies, Transfer Guides, Articulation Agreements, etc.


  • The URL listed in the first box on the PUBLIC VIEW MANAGEMENT page can be embedded behind either text or a graphic on a page on your website to display your equivalencies publicly. Prospective Transfer Students, Parents, Transfer Advisors at your feeder institutions, High School Counselors at schools where the students have access to dual-enrollment programs, and even staff at your own institution can use the Public View to help themselves find answers to their equivalency questions. This could potentially relieve a significant impact off of your office.
  • There are several customizable elements to allow you to “Brand” your Public View webpage; You can insert a disclaimer, provide links to your transfer information and policies on your website, change the appearance of the Public View to match your institution’s official colors and fonts, etc. Your equivalencies will display in the same fashion that they do in the Equivalency Manager.
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