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Using the Public View


If you build it, will they come? If you were to deploy your Public View, who could you expect to take a look at it? for one thing, prospective transfer students certainly would take advantage of it, as could their parents. Transfer Counselors at your feeder institutions, Guidance Counselors in the high schools that offer dual enrollment credit, and even staff on your campus that you would rather not grant access in to TES itself can all take advantage of the information that is displayed. Even your current students would be able to take advantage of it to find summer courses that they can transfer back.

  • The list of institutions that you have defined equivalencies for will display in alphabetical sort order.


  • Your "Read Me" text will appear at the top of the page.

  • Any defined Transfer Resource links will display below the Read Me text.

  • Visitors to the page can search for an institution, use the index filter, or simply scroll through the list of institutions to find the one they are looking for.

  • If you have Transfer Guides defined (publicly available Groups and/or Group Reports), they will be accessible through a link on the right side of the page.

  • Click an institution name to see the equivalency list for that institution.

  • Click GUIDES beside an institution name to see all of the Group Reports for an institution.


  • Click the arrow button to view the Guide.

    • You can print the guide using the print icon in the top right.


  • Click the Search button when you are looking at a list of equivalencies within an institution to display the EQUIVALENCY SEARCH box.


  • The Search can be conducted with the Effective Date being Active for all current equivalencies, Inactive for those equivalencies that have an end date that is past, or All equivalencies.

  • You can search for equivalencies based on the courses contained in them. You can search for a Course Code by TRANSFER COURSE, by an EQUIVALENT COURSE, or BOTH.

  • The number of Records Per Page can be changed to display more equivalencies on a page.

  • The List can be sorted by Transfer Course Number, Home Course Number, Begin Date and End Date.

  • From your Public View, users can create a Equivalency List of courses from your equivalencies by clicking on the My List Add checkbox to the right of each equivalency. 

    • This will add the selected equivalencies to a Temporary List.


  • You can remove individual equivalencies from the list using the trash can icon to the right.
  • You can remove all the courses from the list using the recycle icon (right) at the top right.
  • You can e-mail the list using the e-mail icon (left) in the top right.
  • You can export the list to excel using the export icon (middle) in the top right.


The “My Equivalency List” will be retained as long as any tab in the browser is kept open. Closing the My List pop-up does not delete the list. Closing the entire browser removes this list from memory – it is not stored anywhere in TES nor on the student’s computer. 

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