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Add New User


One of the primary functions of the TES Administrator is to manage user accounts. One of the user account functions is to add users

Adding New User

To add a new user to TES, simply click the Add User button in the User Management feature.


Validating Email Account

  • An e-mail validation box will display

  • Enter the e-mail address for the new user and click the Check button.

    • If the e-mail address does not yet exist, you will be taken to the new user page. If the e-mail address does already exist, you will simply be able to update that user’s profile.

Additional Required Fields

  • Enter the required fields: Name, Last Name, and Job Title. Add the optional fields as desired. The Job Title you enter for the User will be listed in any dropdown lists to aid in your selection. A “Set your password” notification will be sent to them if you leave the default set to YES.


There is no limit to the number of users you can grant access to TES, nor is there a concurrent user limit. There is also no limit to the number of users that any particular User Right can be assigned to – including the TES Administrator User Right.

Password Setup Email

  • The user will receive the following e-mail, directing them to set up their password.


  • The user will then need to click the link (which expires in 48 hours) to set their password. If they wait longer than 48 hours, they will need to request a new reset code, which will be e-mailed to them, again.

Setting up a Password


  • Enter and re-enter a password (using the guidelines listed), and click the SUBMIT button.

Logging in

  • They will be taken to the sign-in screen.


  • They can now sign in using their e-mail address as their username and their newly created password.

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