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Re-Activate a User


If a user previously had an active TES account that was de-activated, you can re-activate that TES user, using the process below. If a user has an active account in Transferology, but has never had a TES account, you can activate that user in TES using the Add New User process.

Please note: If the user never had a TES account, but had an account de-activated in one of the other products offered by CollegeSource, you will not be able to directly activate that account in TES. It will require a Case be created in CollegeSource’s Case Management System. Use the Contact Us form to submit this type of request.

  • To re-activate a User, click the + Add User button in the User Management feature.


  • An e-mail validation box will display.
  • Enter the e-mail address for the new user and click the Check button.


  • You will receive a message that the e-mail address is INACTIVE.
  • Click the Re-Activate button to re-activate the user.


If the user never had an account, you would simply add a new user. If the user has an active profile, you can simply Update the existing profile.

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