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Password Reset


TES now requires a user to reset their password at least once a year. At this time, they will also need to certify that they are still at the institution where their account is located and that they understand and accept the Terms of Use.

In response to the increasing focus on data and information security, particularly for any system that is hosted in the Cloud, TES passwords now expire after one year. Of course, you can change your password more frequently than that, if you wish to, but at least once a year you will receive a message that your password is about to expire.

  • When you attempt to sign in (as normal):


  • You will see a message that your password is about to expire, along with the timeframe.


  • If you click the Reset Password Later link, you will simply log in to TES:


  • If you click the Reset Password Now link, you will be brought directly to the reset password.


  • Enter a New Password, confirm the New Password, check the affirmation of continued employment, and check the agreement to the Terms of Use:


  • Click Submit.

  • Your password will be changed and you will be logged out:


  • Your password will then expire in a year's time.

If you miss the "About to Expire" messages in the week leading up to the expiration of your password, you will simply see a "Password Expired" message:


  • Click the Reset My Password link and follow "Reset Password Now" process detailed above.

Users can also reset their password at any time in TES using the User Preferences feature. Intentionally resetting your password will push out the expiration date a year every time you do it. For example, if your campus enforces a quarterly password change and you also update your TES password at the same time, your expiration date will be pushed out to a year from that point.


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