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Get (Check) Equivalency


The following call can be used to check for an existing equivalency in the TES database.  This can be helpful to prevent duplicates.

To look for an existing equivalency users will need to know the following:

AccessKeyID - Provided with Web Services subscription
InstitutionalID for Send Institution - See How to Look Up an Institution ID (InstitutionID)

How it Works:

Using the GetEquivalency web call users can provide the following information to check for an exact mathcing equivalency:

AccessKeyID, SendInstitutionID, SendCourseCode1, SendCourseCode2*, SendCourseCode3*, SendCourseCode4*, SendCourseCode5*, SendCourseCode6*, 
SendCourseCode7*, SendCourseCode8*, SendCourseCode9*, SendCourseCode10*, ReceiveCourseCode1, ReceiveCourseCode2*, ReceiveCourseCode3*, 
ReceiveCourseCode4*, ReceiveCourseCode5*, ReceiveCourseCode6*, ReceiveCourseCode7*, ReceiveCourseCode8*, ReceiveCourseCode9*, ReceiveCourseCode10*. 

*indicates a value that may be left null.

If an existing equivalency exists, then an EquivalencyID will be returned. 

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