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Table of Contents: MANAGE

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Table of Contents


Manage> User Preferences 326

Manage> Usage Statistics 329

Usage Statistics: TES General Use 330

Usage Statistics: Evaluation Tracker 331

Usage Statistics: Equivalency Count by State Infographic 333

Usage Statistics: Equivalency Count by Institution Infographic 335

Manage> Evaluation Workflow 337

Evaluation Workflow: E-mail Alert default status 337

Evaluation Workflow: E-mail Address for Equivalency Details 339

Evaluation Workflow: Set Default TES Evaluator for External (Transferology) Evaluation Requests 340

Manage> Public View Management 341

Customize your Public View Layout 342

Using CSS to Style Your Public View 343

Using the Public View 349

Manage> User Management 353

Add New User 353

User Rights 356

Update/De-activate User 359

Forgotten Password 360

E-mail User(s) 364

Manage> Export Options 366


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