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Table of Contents: SEARCH

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Table of Contents


Search> Course Finder (for U.S. Schools) 6

Institution Profile 7

Access the Transfer Institution’s Website 8

Transcript Key 9

PDF catalogs 10

Course Search Across All Datasets 12

Data Sets 16

Show All Courses 20

Evaluation Tracker Workflow – Route Evaluation to Reviewer with no course attached 20

Change SEND E-MAIL ALERT Default setting 24

Single Mode or Batch Mode 25

Version History 27

Create Equivalency 28

Search My Courses by Department 30

Search My Courses by Keyword 33

Create the Equivalency 35

Route evaluation to Reviewer with your institution course attached 37

E-mail course descriptions to outside entity 39

Search> Course Finder (for Non U.S. Schools) 40

Search> Course Finder/Alternate Search 41

Search by Geographic Location 42

Search for an Institution by Country 43

Find Courses By Title, Accreditation and State 44

Search> Equivalency Finder 46

Search> Course List Report 49

Create a Course List Report 50

Display the Detail View 53

Display the Equivalency Report 54

Create a Shared Course List Report 56

Manage/Edit a Course List Report 58

Search> Course Change Explorer 72


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