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Using Transferology


Transferology is designed to help students determine where the courses they've taken (or plan to take) will transfer to. Simply add classes from anywhere you attended (or plan to attend), and then see which schools in our subscriber network will accept the credit. This guide provides a high-level overview for students using the application.


Transferology Home Page

Navigate to the Transferology home page


The two main paths, Transfer and Replacement, are available to students directly from the Home page so they may choose a path of interest right away. (These will be discussed in greater detail below.)

If you don't have an account, Transferology will prompt you to sign up before proceeding.

If you aren't signed in, Transferology will prompt you to log in before proceeding.

Home Menu Bar

The first-time visitor who is not signed in to Transferology will see four tabs in the top-right corner of the Home page, including Log inCollege EmployeesAbout, and Powered by CollegeSource:



If you are a returning visitor, your Home page inherits the menu bar of the last part of the application you accessed.

Sign Up

If you do not yet have a Transferology account, sign up for one by clicking on any of the blue boxes or hyperlinks on the home page:


It's Free!
Transferology subscription is FREE for all students.


The Sign Up page is generated, which allows users to sign up by one of two methods:

  1. Sign up by creating a new account from scratch, or
  2. Sign up through another existing account (e.g., Facebook, Google,


How to Sign Up

By entering information:

By using another existing account:

  • Facebook
  • Google

Sign In

Once signed up, the student may sign in to view their Notifications and access Help overlays throughout the application.

If you are a first time visitor, your login takes you to a decision page where you will be prompted to either see how courses will transfer (green) or find a replacement course (blue):



You will only encounter the decision page once upon initial login to the application.

Whether the student is signed in or not, hyperlink access to the following areas is always available throughout Transferology page footers:


Contact Us

Privacy Policy


Terms of Use

About Transferology

What's New?


College Employees

Contact Us

The Contact Us link directs the student to the Contact Us page provides an area for the student to generate a free-form message to CollegeSource.



Mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required:

  • First and Last Name*
  • Email*
  • Message*

First and Last Name* and Email* fields are autopopulated for those students that are logged in.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy hyperlink discloses to students how CollegeSource manages user data.




The Accessibility page displays the CollegeSource Accessibility statement and provides students with a direct link to address Accessibility concerns.



Terms of Use

The Terms of Use page presents the rules of use the Transferology end user, including the following areas: Scope, Email/Password, Limitations, Availability/Accuracy of Content and Services, and Disclaimers/Limitations on Liability.



About Transferology

The About Transferology page provides a general overview of the application and its functions.



What's New?

The What's New? page provides students with a high-level summary of release notes for Transferology to learn about new features and functionalities. Versions are listed by reverse chronological order of release date.




The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page displays a running list of the most common student questions regarding the Transferology application. Click on the question of interest to reveal its corresponding answer in a drop-down below.

College Employees

College employees who happen upon the Transferology student application can easily redirect to the Transferology Lab (the companion site designed for staff) via the College Employees hyperlink.

The Subscribing School page contains subscription information for college staff as well as a hyperlink to Visit the Transferology Lab:




Access the latest news about Transferology on social media via the facebook button ():




The Show Notifications button () houses a drop-down list of notifications relevant to the signed-in student. As notifications are generated, that number appears to the right of the button as a visual indication to the user.

In the screenshot below, the student has clicked on the button to view details of one notification:



Each time you visit a page for the first time, help overlays appear to help guide students through new functionalities:



(Once past the Home page, the overlays appear slightly different depending upon which tab you have toggled to):

Will My Courses Transfer?

Find a Replacement Course

Remove help overlay: click anywhere on the overlay, click the Close button () in the upper left, or press the "ESC" key on the keyboard

Restore overlay: click the Help button () in the upper right

A third menu, the User menu at the far right, contains user options for customization. The menus are described in greater detail below.

Three Functional Menus

Click a menu name below to learn more:

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