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Transferology Lab


Transferology Lab

Welcome to Transferology Lab documentation! The Lab documentation is function-focused according to your assigned user role in the application. This documentation supplements the Help and overlay features already built into Transferology.

See what's new in Transferology 1.9



First time user? Check out a basic overview of the Lab for a high-level intro to some basic aspects that are global throughout the application.


Your access to the functionalities in the Lab are dictated by your assigned user role/s within the application. 

(Alternately, look up Lab functionality by User Role.)


Below is an expanded view of ALL functionality available in the submenus within the Transferology Lab:

Blown out menu view.png

Remember: Not all users will have access to all functionalities. Permissions are alotted based upon your assigned user role.


Lab Menus & Functionalities

Click through the Lab menus and their corresponding functionalities below:

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