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Program Pathways


New in 1.9

The new Program Pathways page provides quick and easy access point for advisors to view pathways that have been established for their institution.

Program Pathways page, empty 1.9.jpg


To view pathways, follow these steps below:  

  1. In the Transferring To field, key in the name of the institution you wish to transfer to
  • (This school will determine which partner schools populate the list in the next step)

2. Select a partner school from the drop-down menu:

Program Pathways, Select a partner school from the dropdown menu.jpg

3. All established pathways between institutions (from the partner school, to the transferring school) are listed in a table format below:

Pathways from partner school to transferring school.jpg

4. Click the pathway link handshake button (Pathway Link handshake button.jpg) to view the pathway of interest

Display Program Pathway guide PDF.jpg



NOTE: Remember the Program Pathways area is view-only.



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