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Standardized Exams From TES Equivalencies


Are you a school with TES equivalencies? The information on this page applies to schools that either:

  1. Maintain their equivalencies in TES, or,
  2. Use the equivalency flat file import

For the sake of brevity, this page uses the term "TES equivalencies" to include both circumstances listed above.


The following Standardized Exams are available for equivalencies:

  • AP
  • CLEP
  • International Baccalaureate
  • DSST Program


Equivalencies for Standardized Exams

Transferology recognizes TES equivalencies referencing standardized exams. Equivalencies for standardized exam courses are shown slightly differently in Transferology due to the following requirements:


Transferology Equivalency Display of Standardized Exams



Multiple Equivalencies for the Same Exam

When multiple equivalencies exist for the same exam, which result in different receive courses, Transferology displays these as OR equivalencies on the match results page.

Transferology Match Results Page With OR Equivalencies



Does Not Transfer Equivalencies for Exams

In those instances where an exam has multiple equivalencies and at least one receive course is a Does Not Transfer AND at least one receive course is NOT a Does Not Transfer course, the equivalency with the Does Not Transfer is NOT added into Transferology's search index. This is done to prevent the Does Not Transfer rule from always being chosen over the non- Does Not Transfer rule from the search index. 


Exam Scores

Exam scores need to be identified in the equivalency's public comment. On the Match Results page, equivalencies with a public comment have an information icon that the student can click to see the exam score information.


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