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Transferology Lab user administration is performed entirely within the Lab application. All users can edit their own user information via the Update Profile tab on their profile. School admins (only) can edit other users' information via the Users tab on the School Management page (School Profile, School Management):



Click the Edit button () associated with the user you wish to edit. A dialog box of User Info appears with editable fields to customize the user's preferences.

User Info Page

  • The top portion of the dialog box contains customizable fields of user information
  • The bottom portion of the dialog box contains selectable checkboxes that the State Admin can use to to designate user role(s)



Editable profile fields include the following:






Active Status

User Status Active: [ ]

  • Select to mark the user as active
  • Deselect to mark the user as inactive
User Info

User's email address

  • Max length 90
Phone Number*

User's telephone number

  • Max length 20
Job Title*

User's job title

  • Max length 90

User's preferred salutation (optional)

  • Max length 50
First Name*

User's first name

  • Max length 50
Last Name*

User's last name

  • Max length 50

User's suffix (optional)

  • Max length 10

User's mailing address (optional)

  • Max length 90

User's city

  • Max length 90
Country* User's country
State/Province* User's state or province
Zip Code*

User's zip code

  • Max length 20


User Role(s)
  • advisor




Check to select role(s)

  • school admin
  • recruiter
  • program admin
  • state coordinator
  • TES evaluation
  • transfer specialist


Create New User

Click the + Create New User button (image.png) to create a New User's Profile



Click Cancel () to cancel changes to user information. Click Save () to conserve changes; a green Saved User Data confirmation bubble appears in the upper right corner to notify the user of the saving.


Edit User

The Edit button () allows School Admins to edit users on the Users tab. For more information, see the User Info section.


The Export button () allows School Admins to export the list of Transferology users in the table on the Users tab:


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