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Pending Audit Requests


Pending Audit Requests is restricted to School Administrators and Program Administrators at schools with audits enabled.
Pending Audit Requests provide the user with details about the audit request for the purpose of tracking and troubleshooting.Program attempts are available to those users in the roles of School Administrator and Program Administrator.


Pending Audit Requests are managed from the Program Setup menu:


A table of existing program attempts are displayed:

The user can view details by following the Job ID hyperlinks associated with the specific Job ID of interest, thereby directing to the Program Attempt Details page.


Pending Audit Requests Fields




Job ID

Click on the Job ID hyperlink to view details about the Job ID on the Audit Request Details page

Previous Attempt Time and date stamp of the previous failure (Format: Mon DD, YYYY, HH:MM)
Request Status

The request status of Transferology successfully sending the audit to your server. Status list options include the following:

  • Cancelled (audit sending cancelled)
  • Sent (audit sent to your server)
  • Pending (audit not yet sent to your server)
Error Count

Click on the Error Count blue hyperlink to toggle between the show/hide display of the error in a drop-down row

  • Show Error:
  • Hide Error:
DPROG Degree program name
User Type

Details the type of Transferology user, including the following:

  • Student
  • Lab
User Email address of the user
Next Attempt Time and date stamp of the next attempt (Format: Mon DD, YYYY, HH:MM)
  • -
  • Cancel (): Only available for those audit requests with the status of Pending since this Cancel action will cancel the pending audit request


Audit Request Details

The Audit Request Details page provides tremendous details about the user audits, URLs, job queue lists, and job queue sysins. To view audit request details, click the blue hyperlink for the Job ID you wish to view. The Audit Request Details page is generated:


Click the < Return to Pending Audit Requests button () to return to the previous Pending Audit Requests page.

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