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Unknown Schools


The Unknown Schools tab provides a detailed list of unlinked schools and their suggested matches, filtering functionalities, and the ability to export to Microsoft Excel:

Unknown Schools Tab 

Column/Icon Screenshot Description
Unknown School

Name and identification codes for the Unknown School


The "Unknown School" column may also include military parameters, US territories, international options, and Standardized Exams. Click on the drop-down menu arrow to make a different selection.

(In this screenshot, the Unknown School is a Standardized Exam)

Two codes are listed for the school according to the following format: ##/######

  • The 2-digit number before the forward slash is the source school's IDQ
  • The 4- to 6-digit number after the forward slash is the source school's ID


Two schools may NOT be mapped to the same ID.


State that the unknown school resides in, or code for other options

(In this screenshot, the state is listed as "SE" for Standardized Exam)

Suggested Match

Suggested match generated by Transferology

Create Alias ()

Links the suggested match and moves it to the Linked Schools tab

Search ()

Generates the Find School pop-up window:

Add School Request ()

Generates the Add School Request page; CollegeSource staff will review to approve

Allows the Transfer Specialist to add school requests in the US, Canada, and Internationally by select parameters (school name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, and ID Codes)

Submit ()

Processes the school request

Hide ()

Hides the unknown school and removes it from the equivalency data

If no schools are listed on the "Unknown Schools" tab, this indicates that all of the source schools are appropriately mapped on the Linked Schools tab.

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