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Requirement Categories


The Requirement Categories tab provides a tabled listing of all of the created categories and cross-lists the ACourse/IFlag for each category, including search/view, enable/disable, edit a category name, edit category courses, create/auto create a category, and delete a category.
NOTE: Requirement Categories is restricted to Transfer Specialists only.



A category may consist of multiple courses; a single course may only appear in one category.


Edit section

Use the Search field and the radio button to search and view the contents of the category mappings in the table below:



Search Field 

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The Search field allows the Transfer Specialist to search for a category or ACourse/IFlag value.


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The adjacent radio buttons allow the Transfer Specialist to narrow the display of the category mappings through several options:

  • view All
  • view Enabled category mappings
  • view Disabled category mappings


Edit section

  • To Enable a requirement category, click to place a checkmark in the checkbox associated with the category of interest
  • To Disable a requirement category, click to place a checkmark in the checkbox associated with the category of interest

Edit Category Name 

Edit section

Edit a category name by clicking the Edit button () associated with the category of interest. Make changes to the existing Category name in the Edit Category pop-up window:



Click Cancel () to cancel the edits or Edit Category () to enact the edits.

Edit Category Courses 

Edit section

Edit a Category Course by clicking the Edit button () associated with the Course of interest. Make changes to the ACourses/IFlags in the selected category via the pop-up window:



Select additional course categories to add from the ACourse/IFlag drop-down menu. Click the Close button () to exit or Done () to complete the addition.

Create/Auto Create Category 

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Create new requirement categories automatically or manually:

Auto Create Categories 

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Click the Auto Create Categories button () to automatically create requirement categories based upon current Glossary Messages and then assign ACourses/IFlags:



You may opt to use either the beginning or the end of the Glossary Message for the requirement category name:

  • The beginning of the message
  • The end of the message

80 character maximum character count on categories–either the first or last 80 characters, depending upon selection.

After the new categories are auto created, we recommend reviewing category names in the column. Also, associate the Message ID with it. Be sure to edit the category name to ensure it makes sense, if necessary. Otherwise, these go into the student app and may not be refined for the end user.

Create Category 

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Click the + Create Category button () to manually create requirement categories. The Create Category dialog box will prompt you to name the category.

Click Cancel () to cancel the category creation or Create Category () to process the new category creation.

Delete Category 

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Click the Delete button () associated with the category you wish to delete. The category will be removed from the Category Mappings table.

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