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Glossary Messages


Glossary Messages are helpful messages and explanations that can be configured by Transfer Specialists to assist non-encoders (e.g., students, advisors) in understanding the higher education terminology sometimes used in transfer articulation rules. Use the Glossary Messages page to manage (create, edit, delete) your Glossary Messages.

Glossary Messages functionality is restricted to Transfer Specialists only.


From the Rule Management menu, select the Glossary Messages drop-down:

Glossary Messages appear in both the student and staff applications, with slightly different appearances depending upon where they are viewed:


In Transferology

When configured, these additional messages will appear on the Match Details page as information icons () in the student application. In the following example, the Glossary Message tells the students that "ENG TR200" is a 200-level transfer course.


In Transferology Lab

When configured, these additional messages also appear on the Equivalences page of the staff application:

(Some glossary messages happen to have asterisks in them:)


Four types of Glossary Messages include Alternate Courses, DPMask, IFlag, and Target Course.

The Transferology Lab matches Glossary Message IDs to values from an institution's equivalencies, as detailed below:

Glossary Message Type

What is it?

Who Uses it?


Alternate Course

(or Acourse, Alt Course)

An identity for a course to help it meet a requirement on an audit

-Looks at rules for Acourses that contain an Acourse message ID

-Case-sensitive; uAchieve/DARwin settings determine the case

DARwin and uAchieve users

An Acourse message with an ID of ENGL1 would match a rule Acourse value of:

  • ENGL1
  • ENGL10
  • ENGL109

It would not match a rule Acourse value of:

  • ENGL

The most specific check applies--we use the most specific Acourse message that matches each Acourse on the rule.

For an Acourse message with an ID of ENGL10, we would use that message instead of the ENGL1 for ENGL10 and ENGL109 from the example above.


(or degree program mask)

Displays transfer rules, usually based upon majors

-Only shown in the Transferology Lab (Transfer To page and the popover that displays a rule created from a TES request)

-Looks at DPMask message IDs to see if they contain the DPMask on a rule

-Case-sensitive; uAchieve/DARwin settings determine the case

DARwin and uAchieve users

A DPMask message with an ID of ENGR would match a rule with a DPMask value of:

  • ENG
  • ENGR

The most specific check applies--we use the most specific DPMask message that matches each DPMask on the rule.


(or Iflg, institution flag)

An identify for a course to help it meet a requirement on an audit

-Looks for rules for IFlags that equal an IFlag message ID

-Case-sensitive; uAchieve/DARwin settings determine the case

DARwin and uAchieve users

An IFlag message with an ID of GOAL1 would match a rule IFlag value of:

  • GOAL1

It would not match a rule IFlag value of:

  • GOAL
  • GOAL11

The most specific check applies--we use the most specific IFlag message that matches each IFlag on the rule.

Target Course*







*TES equivalencies only use Target Course Glossary Messages

Course the student receives as transfer credit

-Looks at rules for Target Courses that contain a Target Course message ID. We remove all spaces and asterisks (*) from the Target Course and Target Course message ID before comparing them.


All users A Target Course message with an ID of MATH*** would match any rule with a Target Course in the MATH department.

The most specific check applies--we use the most specific Target Course message that matches each Target Course on the rule.

For a Target Course message with MATH2 as the ID, any 200-level MATH Target Courses would show that message instead of the MATH*** one from the example above. Other Target Courses would still match the MATH*** message.


New in 1.9.1

Exact Match Target Course

New option to select for exact matches on the Target Course value



Filter Glossary Messages

Existing Glossary Messages may be filtered several ways:

  • By message ID
  • By message text
  • By message type. Click the checkbox to select any combination of the following Glossary Message types: Alternate Course, DPMask, IFlag, and Target Course.

Set the parameters of interest and use the Apply button () to apply the filter.



Click Clear Filters () to remove the applied filter.


Edit Glossary Messages

Edit an existing Glossary Message by clicking its corresponding Edit button (). An Edit Message pop-up window displays:

In the first field, edit the Message Type using the drop-down list:

  • Alternate Course
  • DPMask
  • IFlag
  • Target Course

The second field is the customized name given to the Message Type selected in the first field. (required)

The third field is the customized message text that will accompany the Glossary Message. (required)

All required fields are denoted with a red asterisk *.


Delete Glossary Messages

Delete an existing Glossary Message by clicking its corresponding Delete button (). A delete confirmation pop-up window will display:

Confirm the deletion of the Glossary Message by clicking on the OK button (), or Cancel () to keep the Glossary Message.


Create Glossary Messages

The Create Message button () generates the Create Message pop-up window where you can customize the Glossary Message that will appear in the Transferology student application. Click the Create Message button to generate a Create Message dialog box:

  1. First, select a Message Type from the drop-down menu; the selected Message Type will become the heading for the next (second) field. Message Type tells the system if it should show the message or not.
  2. Second, type a Message ID into this field.

NOTE: Notice that the heading for this second field becomes the same as the selection from Step 1.

3. Third, input the informational Message Text you want to appear when the student hovers over the Information icon ().

4. Last, click the Create Message button () to create the message, or Cancel () to cancel message creation.

Advisors will see new Glossary Messages immediately. Students will not see these until equivalencies are loaded (up to a few days).

Exact Match Target Course Value

New in 1.9.1

When selecting a Message Type of Target Course, users can now distinguish how they prefer target course matching to occur by selecting the appropriate radio button:

  • (Default) Target Glossary Messages contain the target course value, or,
  • Target Glossary Messages exact match the target course value

Create Message Target Course New in 1.9.1.jpg


For example, Transferology's default handling uses contains, so a Target Glossy Message "ANTHRO 1" matches all of the following target courses:

ANTHRO              112

ANTHRO              102

ANTHRO              11

ANTHRO              10

ANTHRO              1


Alternately, selecting the exact match Target Course value with the Target Glossary Message "ANTHRO 1" yields more restricted results by only matching one target course:

ANTHRO              1

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