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School Lookup


School Lookup provides an area to perform a keyword search for a school name, subsequently returning a list of possible matches.

(The School Lookup option may be found under the Rule Management menu)

Rule Management, School Lookup.jpg

For example, a search for "minn" in the school name generates dozens of matches:

Request New School

In the case where the school search returns no matches to the query, you may request a new school. The Request New School button (under the blue Search button) generates an Add School Request page:


Add School Request page.jpg


First, select a tab at the top that best designates the general geographic location of the school you wish to request. Three tabs include the following:

  • United States (default)
  • Canada
  • International

Add School Request page tabs.jpg

(The input fields displayed below change according to the tab selected above.)


Next, complete the respective fields. With the selection of the default tab (United States), input fields include the following:

Field Name Description
School Name* Complete name of the institution
Address* Mailing address for the school
City City in which the school resides
State* State in which the school resides
Zip Code* Zip code in which the school resides
NOTE: Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory to submit a school request


Finally, click the Submit button (blue Submit button.jpg) to submit the new school request.


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