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Promote your institution's membership in Transferology by following the Guidelines.




  • Use the Transferology logo to advertise your institution's membership in the network
  • Maintain sufficient space around Transferology assets to ensure a clean, uncluttered appearance


  • Display the Transferology logo larger than your own marks
  • Use the Transferology logo to refer to any service or website other than Transferology
  • Use the Transferology brand to imply partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement
  • Combine any part of the Transferology brand with your name, marks, or generic terms
  • Present Transferology in a way to make it more distinctive or prominent feature of what you are creating
  • Use any icons, images, or trademarks to represent Transferology other than what is found in this resource center
  • Modify Transferology brand assets in any way, e.g., by changing the design or color
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