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Logo Assets


The Logo Assets tab provides downloadable logo files (EPS and PNG formats) to facilitate brand utilization in accordance with CollegeSource rules and guidelines.



Clear Area 

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When using Transferology logos along with other logos or graphic elements, maintain a clear area equal to "x," where "x" is defined as the height and width of the icon in the Transferology logo:



Notes on Usage 

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The official, unmodified Transferology logo represents the Transferology product. We strongly recommend against modification or alteration of the logo in any way, including any confusion that may be caused by the following uses:

  • suggesting partnership
  • suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Transferology or CollegeSource
  • any use that confuses Transferology with another brand

The following screenshot exemplifies problematic usage:



Avoid the following:

  • rotating/changing the direction
  • changing the color(s)
  • embellishing the logo with shadows, patterns, or intricate backgrounds
  • overprinting or obstructing the logo
  • using old versions or other marks/logos to represent our brand
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