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Edit Profile


School Administrators working in "Edit Mode" will see expanded access to customize information appearing on their School Profile page (not including profile image or logo).
NOTE: Edit Mode functionality is restricted to School Administrators only


Click directly on the blue Edit Profile button below the school image on the School Management page to toggle between Edit Profile Off () and Edit Profile On 

(). Turning Edit Profile to On enables several editable fields on the Profile Preview page, as indicated by the Edit buttons ():

Edit Mode

Edit Profile off 162.jpg


Edit Profile on 162.jpg

Institution Title

Edit the name of your institution using the blue Edit button ().

Profile Preview Tab

Many areas on the Profile Preview tab are completely configurable.


The About section is a short, customized summary of the institution that will be fully accessible in a future release. Please contact Shelly at to customize the About section (or to change profile pictures).

The Information Links section is a bulleted list of up to five informational links pertaining to topics such as transfer, admissions, financial aid, and registration, for example. With Edit Mode "On," click the blue Edit button () to open fields where you can edit respective URLs.


The Awards section allows you to choose the type of degree(s) awarded at your institution.

Contact Emails Tab

A new Contact Emails tab allows School Administrators to manage how contact emails and request emails are routed within their institution using the Add and Delete () buttons.

Contact Emails tab adding a new admin email.png

Required emails include contacts for the following:

  • Primary Contacts
  • Planning Guides
  • Information Requests
  • Lab Account Requests
All required fields are denoted with a red asterisk *.

With the exception of the Lab Account Request Email, these inquiries are generated from within the Transferology student application.

Multiple email addresses may be assigned to each list.
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