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Popular Courses


The Popular Courses function allows Transfer Specialists to evaluate their own institution's equivalencies and compare them to other schools in an effort to identify areas of improvement. By focusing on which course students are actually taking and transferring from a particular feeder school as opposed to just guessing (i.e., choosing from the whole catalog, looking for general studies indicators), Transfer Specialists can use the list to be proactive about building more rules and, as a result, push their institution to the top of the match list. Defining rules for even the top 20, 30, or 50 results in the Popular Courses report for a specific feeder school will provide answers for the majority of the transfer traffic from that school.


Popular Courses functionality is restricted to Transfer Specialists only. 


From the Rule Management menu, select the Popular Courses drop-down:




Manage Content

Because the generated list of popular courses (in order of decreasing count) may be quite extensive, Transferology provides several methods of managing the data, including page navigation and filters.


Only 1 Count per unique user.
When an Advisor creates bundles, these are not added to "Counts."


Use the First (), Previous (), and Next () buttons located above the courses table to navigate through the content, page-by-page.


By default, the Popular Courses list is filtered to the home state of your institution and to include the last three months. A variety of filters may be applied to the data to customize the display for the Transfer Specialist using keyword search or the Filter Box. For example, filters can allow the user to focus on a particular state, school, military course or occupation, and much more.

Apply and clear filters using the Apply () and Clear () buttons.


Key a specific school name or course into the search field.



In this example, "Math..." is applied as a filter. Popular courses at institutions that match the keyword "Math..." are generated in order of descending Count.


Be careful to spell the specific course name or school correctly or it will not be returned once the filter is applied

Filter Box

Filter popular courses by date range, location, and distance.



  • Date

Click in the Calendar field to change the date range (default setting is three months). Because CollegeSource only includes one year of data in the Popular Courses list, the date filter can accommodate any range within the last 365 days.

  • Location

Select from an alphabetical listing of US states, Canadian provinces, US territories, Military (default setting is All Locations)

  • Distance

Choose distance from a designated zip code by increments up to 500 miles away (default settings are the zip code of the institution the Transfer Specialist logs in from and a distance of Any Distance)

Click the blue zip code hyperlink to change the area by keying in the numbers or via the Use My Current Location () button.

  • Include My School?

Transfer Specialists may place a checkmark in the Include My School? checkbox to include their own institution in the list of Popular Courses.

Check for Rules

Rules () allows Transfer Specialists to check for rules to see if their institution has equivalencies for a selected course.



In this example, MATH1050 at Columbus State Community College is equivalent to MTH101 at Miami University.

Popular Courses Count

The Popular Courses Count is a count of the number of students who have added a Popular Course, regardless of whether or not they have ever viewed matches at your school.

The use of the term "Count" on the Popular Courses page has a different meaning than the use of "Count" on the Unknown Equivalencies page.
       See Unknown Equivalencies Count for more information.

In the example, a Count of 62 means 62 students have added the CSCC course MATH1050.

Some courses on the Popular Courses page have no rules:



In this example, a more popular course (at the top of the list on the Popular Courses page) MATH1148 at Columbus State Community College is not equivalent to any course at Miami University.

Note the Count of 87, meaning that 87 students have added the CSCC course MATH1148 (regardless of whether they have ever viewed matches at your school. In other words, just because a student has added the course does not necessarily indicate their particular interest in Miami University). The most Popular Course on the list, MATH1148, has no articulation rules, which is a red flag for the Transfer Specialist. See the Unknown Equivalencies page for more information.

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