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User Roles


Access to functionality in the Transferology Lab is largely dictated by the permissions allotted to each user at your institution.

The following is a list of all user roles assigned in the Lab:

  • School Administrator
  • Program Administrator
  • TES Evaluator
  • Transfer Pathway Administrator
  • Transfer Specialist
  • Recruiter
  • Advisor


All user roles have access to the following functionalities in the Lab:

  • Transfer Equivalencies
  • Replacement Courses
  • Course Bundles
  • View Programs
  • View Transfer Pathways
  • View School Profile
  • View Users List
  • Support Documentation

The seven user roles are defined below:


School Administrator

The School Admin role is responsible for managing the school profile and for managing Lab users. This role has access to many statistical reports that can be run on demand, in addition to the statistical report that is emailed the first of each month. The School Admin should know about Transferology and available training options.

Optional – The School Administrator also has access to add and manage a list of programs (majors) and transfer pathways (articulation agreements). These two areas can be assigned to a specific individual with the assigned roles of Program Admin and Transfer Pathway Admin.


Program Administrator


The Program Admin role is assigned to staff charged with managing program information. This role can import, export, edit, and delete programs.


Transfer Pathway Administrator


The Transfer Pathway Admin role is assigned to staff charged with managing transfer pathway information. This role can add, edit, and delete pathways.


Transfer Specialist

The Transfer Specialist role is for staff charged with creating and managing transfer credit and evaluation of how courses will transfer. This role has access to the Popular Courses report and the Unknown Equivalencies report. Transfer Specialists can also add Glossary Messages, which help explain the transfer of credit, or a score needed when credit is awarded for a Standardized Exam (AP, CLEP, IB, DSST), or if a course will not transfer, etc. 

Optional – Schools with equivalency data from uAchieve also have access to Manage Source Schools, Check Transfer Rules, and Category Mappings.



The Recruiter role is for staff that recruit students, possibly Admissions staff, Transfer Center staff, advisors, etc. This role has access to the Recruit Students list, which is a list of students that request information from Transferology of the school.



The Advisor role is similar to the Recruiter role. Students that Request Information from Transferology of the school are added to the Advise Students List if they request Advising or Program information.  The students are duplicated on the Recruit Students List.


TES Evaluator


The TES Evaluator role is assigned to staff members who need access to the TES and Transferology Lab integration. Courses listed on the Maybe tab (not evaluated) can be sent directly from the Lab to the TES Evaluation tracker workflow to be evaluated. This functionality is accessible from several areas of the Lab: Course Bundles, Recruit Students, Advise Students, Popular Courses, and Unknown Equivalencies.

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