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Update Profile


From the Update Profile tab, users may update their own user profile information:


My Profile, Update Profile tab 1.8.1.png


Editable fields include the following:




User's email address

  • Max length 90
Phone Number*

User's telephone number

  • Max length 20
Job Title*

User's job title

  • Max length 90

User's preferred salutation (optional)

  • Max length 50
First Name*

User's first name

  • Max length 50
Last Name*

User's last name

  • Max length 50

User's suffix (optional)

  • Max length 10

User's mailing address (optional)

  • Max length 90

User's city

  • Max length 90
Country* User's country
State/Province* User's state or province
Zip Code*

User's zip code

  • Max length 20

Opt out

New in 1.8.1

Toggle allows Lab user to opt out of receiving marketing and promotional emails from Transferology and CollegeSource

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