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User Menu 1.8

Access to profile information (including password reset) and the application logout are located in the drop-down menu under the user name in the upper right corner of the Transferology Lab window.

My Profile

Under the user name in the upper right corner, click the My Profile option on the drop-down menu. The My Profile page contains two tabs: Update Profile and Update Password:


Update Profile Tab

The Update Profile tab allows users to update the user's profile information.


Editable profile fields include the following:




User's email address

  • Max length 90
Phone Number*

User's telephone number

  • Max length 20
Job Title*

User's job title

  • Max length 90

User's preferred salutation (optional)

  • Max length 50
First Name*

User's first name

  • Max length 50
Last Name*

User's last name

  • Max length 50

User's suffix (optional)

  • Max length 10

User's mailing address (optional)

  • Max length 90

User's city

  • Max length 90
Country* User's country
State/Province* User's state or province
Zip Code*

User's zip code

  • Max length 20

Change Your Password

The Update Password tab allows users to change the password set for logging in to the application. All users can change their passwords by clicking their user names in the upper right part of the menu. Click the My Profile option, then click the Update Password tab:



Because passwords are now unified as of Transferology Lab 1.6, changing the user password on the My Profile page will also change the password for TES. (i.e., Transferology Lab password=TES password)


Password fields include the following:

  • Current Password*
  • New Password*
    • Requires at least one number and one letter and be between 6 and 20 characters in length
  • Confirm New Password* 
    • Must match the input in the New Password field

Click the Update Password button () to update your password.


To log out of the Transferology Lab, click on your user name in the top right of the menu bar to view options available under the drop-down menu:



Click Logout to exit the application. You may also logout by clicking the close button () of your browser window.


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