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What's New in Transferology Lab?

View our Transferology 1.7 updates webinar from August 8, 2017.

The 1.7 release of Transferology on August 8, 2017, includes the new Transfer Pathways feature along with several improvements and enhancements to the Transferology Lab, including the following:

  • Allow school to provide their Transfer Pathways (i.e. transfer agreements) to students.
  • New 'Limited' school subscription type for sending institutions view-only access.
  • Improved school referral display, in match results.
  • Allow school to define custom links outside of the standard links (transfer information, admissions,...).
  • Identify additional school awards (i.e., Master's, Doctoral).
  • View multiple campus locations (if applicable).
  • Include Misses in Student's request for information.
  • Course titles can contain 80 characters.
  • View standardized exam titles on match results.
  • View additional student statistics.
  • View Lab user usage statistics.
  • 'Keep me signed-in' option on the login page.
  • Accessibility improvements.


For more details on new improvements in the 1.7 release, see the Transferology 1.7 Release Notes.

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