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Transferology 1.5 Release Notes


Transferology 1.5 is a Lab-only release consisting of 168 enhancements and improvements. The primary objective of this release is TES evaluation integration. In addition, numerous accessibility issues have also been addressed throughout the Transferology Lab.

Important Highlights From This Release

  1. Added the ability for schools not using audits to be able to add unique URLs for each of their programs.
  2. Standardized button colors in the Transferology Lab
  3. In Equivalencies, Find Replacements needs to use index instead of SQL queries
  4. Equivalencies for several American Territories are not show in the Lab
  5. Relaxed the strictness of Program file import validation
  6. Added date range to Pending Audit Requests page
  7. Standardized the UI on the Check Transfer Rules page
  8. URL validation

All Updates for This Release


  • TFO-2268     CLOSED     Adding a course that's already in a link is adding multiples of that course into the sidebar of the unknown equivalencies page
  • TFO-2265     CLOSED     Student open a program link is prepending "http://" when not necessary
  • TFO-2264     CLOSED     CSI View Only role should not be able to submit course evaluations
  • TFO-2263     CLOSED     When using the keyboard to select the (Requested) link, it would select 3 links at a time instead individual hyperlink
  • TFO-2262     CLOSED     "Requested" Hyperlink not highlighted correctly
  • TFO-2261     CLOSED     School lookup page has wrong page title
  • TFO-2258     CLOSED     Filter schools shown in Lab Request an Account page
  • TFO-2256     CLOSED     Military courses all fail on TES Evaluation Requests
  • TFO-2254     CLOSED     On the TES Evaluations page clicking the last action link is doing nothing
  • TFO-2252     CLOSED     TES Mode: Military Courses, Occupations and Standardized Exams
  • TFO-2251     CLOSED     When the EVAL Max has been reached we should remove the + buttons in all areas of TES mode
  • TFO-2247     CLOSED     Course in TFO states Requested which is correct. I click on that to view details. Another tab in browser opens and takes me to the list and I have to search for that course.
  • TFO-2243     CLOSED     Deny Sequence showing as Requested in TES Evaluations screen in TFO.
  • TFO-2242     CLOSED     Sent three evaluation requests at once from TFO for three different schools. Only 2 schools display successful, but the third shows up in TES.
  • TFO-2240     CLOSED     Evaluation task created in TES for two courses together. Evaluation request created in TFO as linked courses. Send them to TES separately.
  • TFO-2238     CLOSED     Evaluation task in TES, created EQ in TES, then sent evaluation request from TFO and it did when it shouldn't have.
  • TFO-2235     CLOSED     Course Bundle 'Search For Matches' Disabled Bug
  • TFO-2227     CLOSED     TES Mode - Duplication of courses due to multiple clicks
  • TFO-2224     CLOSED     I sent 1 course from ten different schools and it caused an error processing request and an inaccurate tes evaluation page
  • TFO-2223     CLOSED     We need to put the not found in tes evaluations message on manually added courses when in tes mode
  • TFO-2221     CLOSED     Clicking Non Subscriber schools causes an error
  • TFO-2216     CLOSED     Recruit Students and Advise Students no longer working
  • TFO-2215     CLOSED     Use course GUID provided by usp_TRNSFRLG_CourseSELECTByCDGUID instead of a second lookup
  • TFO-2211     CLOSED     No TES Evaluation for Pomona College
  • TFO-2210     CLOSED     Could we remove the dash (-) that appears after the school name?
  • TFO-2209     CLOSED     When a tes eval request fails because the evaluation already exists the user isn't receiving a view link
  • TFO-2206     CLOSED     Clicking the delete action on a pending audit request is causing an error processing request
  • TFO-2205     CLOSED     Selecting a course from two different schools in TES Mode and then selecting link is causing a single course to get linked to a blank
  • TFO-2204     CLOSED     When courses are linking together, the delete button should be aligning with the course
  • TFO-2203     CLOSED     I am receiving errors on grouped evaluation requests when the view shows no previous evaluation has been sent
  • TFO-2202     CLOSED     We are throwing an error for having over ten courses or groups in the TES Mode sidebar when the user has exactly ten
  • TFO-2194     CLOSED     User is able to access TES mode for a school they are not logged in with
  • TFO-2185     CLOSED     When adding multiple courses into TES Mode the button is being cut off as it moves down to the next line
  • TFO-2183     CLOSED     In TES Mode when I have a three linked request that fails the result I am getting is showing the courses repeated several times and I get a green checkmark that makes it look like it succeeded
  • TFO-2182     CLOSED     In TES Mode I am unable to add a single course to the sidebar that has been linked up already with a different course
  • TFO-2181     CLOSED     Department Code value isn't saving when editing a program on the manage programs page
  • TFO-2180     CLOSED     On the manage programs page the degree type of Master displays as Masters
  • TFO-2179     CLOSED     Error deleting lab user with favorites
  • TFO-2178     CLOSED     On the TES Evaluations page the filter by course or school name box doesn't filter anything at all
  • TFO-2177     CLOSED     When going to the TES Evaluations page the page is showing filters are applied when no filters have been applied
  • TFO-2175     CLOSED     The Next button is staying blue and active when there isn't another page to go to
  • TFO-2174     CLOSED     Clicking the previous button on TES Evaluations page is causing an error processing request
  • TFO-2173     CLOSED     A TES Evaluator on a school without a TES subscription is able to access the TES Evaluations page
  • TFO-2171     CLOSED     An Advisor only user is unable to successfully clone a bundle
  • TFO-2169     CLOSED     Can't update school's TES Eval Daily Max
  • TFO-2161     CLOSED     Clicking the upload images link on the school management page is causing the link to disappear
  • TFO-2158     CLOSED     Course Bundle Copy is Incorrect for the Green Path
  • TFO-2157     CLOSED     Trying to export transfer rule misses causes an internal server error
  • TFO-2156     CLOSED     Exporting and importing programs from Ohio State is causing errors to be thrown
  • TFO-2150     CLOSED     Immediately viewing a cloned replacement bundle is taking the user to the green path instead of the blue
  • TFO-2149     CLOSED     The schools found and filtering message are significantly smaller on the blue path matches than on the green path
  • TFO-2147     CLOSED     Treat Program YYYYMM as YearTerm not YearMonth
  • TFO-2146     CLOSED    US and Canadian School Requests aren't sending out emails
  • TFO-2144     CLOSED     Running any audits with OSU is causing an error processing request to appear
  • TFO-2142     CLOSED     The user can activate the search for matches button without entering a school
  • TFO-2141     CLOSED     Error appears when school admin tried to save either Program Enabled or Disabled
  • TFO-2139     CLOSED     Tabbing to the support documentation icon causes the green switch schools bar to grow
  • TFO-2137     CLOSED     View Traffic Statics/Course/Export - Error Processing Your Request
  • TFO-2136     CLOSED     Selecting the skip navigation link doesn't actually skip the navigation links
  • TFO-2132     CLOSED     Source School Mapping page loses it's formatting if there are schools present with really long names
  • TFO-2116     CLOSED     Javascript Import Typo in checkRulesBySource.ftl
  • TFO-2098     CLOSED     Allow user to specify lowercase UNIQ when changing the person's school
  • TFO-2074     CLOSED     Equivalencies for several American Territories aren't shown in the Lab
  • TFO-2063     CLOSED     NVDA should read the actual name of the Facebook link instead of just "visited link".
  • TFO-2038     CLOSED     On the equivalencies page the screen reader does not read the text message in the filter field. It only mentions edit and clickable
  • TFO-2037     CLOSED     School Groups - The search field & Create button are overlapping the Filters applied field
  • TFO-2035     CLOSED     On the run program modal the screen reader reads the next button as blank
  • TFO-2033     CLOSED     Sorting Glossary Messages by Types - cannot use keyboard to access either the Apply or Clear buttons
  • TFO-2031     CLOSED     Filter Glossary Message - cannot access the Apply button via keyboard
  • TFO-2027     CLOSED     On the traffic stats were displaying alt text that is mashed together
  • TFO-1967     CLOSED     When all courses were deleted, the school appears to be deleting too
  • TFO-1900     CLOSED     IE11 & Chrome - Find a replacement course - the mouse must point slightly to the right and slightly below the Search option in order to click on the search option
  • TFO-1888     CLOSED     NVDA does not read the "Sent to.." share course bundles icon
  • TFO-1887     CLOSED     NVDA does not read the image for run program in the Course Bundles page
  • TFO-1877     CLOSED     When I used the keyboard to try to navigate to the Geolocation, it would just skip that button
  • TFO-1820     CLOSED     View Audit - Return button and Email link are overlapping each other
  • TFO-1816     CLOSED     The modal for viewing the popular course rules is occasionally displaying off kilter for no reason
  • TFO-1804     CLOSED     iPad Mini with Landscape View - The Create Program button and Import Programs button look as if one button instead of two separate buttons
  • TFO-1788     CLOSED     The programs added onto a program type question are inaccessible via a keyboard
  • TFO-1787     CLOSED     On the questions page making any selection is automatically pulling the user to the top of the page and moving their focus
  • TFO-1737     CLOSED     The file to import box when importing files into Transferology is being drastically changed by IE from what other browsers display
  • TFO-1555     CLOSED     Active Leads - screen reader does not inform the user if the student has requested any Type of info or not.
  • TFO-1546     CLOSED     Find Replacement Course - screen reader does not read the Right Arrow
  • TFO-1545     CLOSED     Transfer/Matches - screen reader does not read the Glossary message
  • TFO-1511     CLOSED     Click on Delete All button doesn't remove school but if user clicks on the trash can icon to delete all courses school also was removed
  • TFO-1440     CLOSED     Advise/Leads - Export shows list in reverse, oldest on top and newest appears in the bottom of the list
  • TFO-1275     CLOSED     Rule Validation/Matches/Rule column – NVDA reads right arrow as text and stops reading the rest of the sentence whenever the right arrow is presented
  • TFO-1269     CLOSED     Manage Source Schools – cannot use the keyboard to switch view between More and Less
  • TFO-1260     CLOSED     Find a replacement course/Filter – NVDA does not read the actual button name for the geolocation, it only mentions button
  • TFO-1259     CLOSED     Equivalencies/Transfer – screen reader should read the right arrow as a word “to” instead of -->
  • TFO-1257     CLOSED    Equivalencies/Find a replacement course - Screen reader reads the right arrow as text
  • TFO-1255     CLOSED     Unknown Equivalencies - cannot use keyboard to navigate to the Details column
  • TFO-1254     CLOSED     Popular Courses – cannot use keyboard navigate to the Rules column l
  • TFO-1231     CLOSED     Course Bundles/Matches – cannot use keyboard to view tooltip for either tuition or total enrollment
  • TFO-1068     CLOSED     NVDA should read the X either Cancel or Close button instead of just button
  • TFO-990     CLOSED     The favorite icon on an audit is displaying shifted far to the right away from where it should appear
  • TFO-599     CLOSED     Add it yourself link doesn't display on login but displays if a user goes to an exams tab and comes back
  • TFO-596     CLOSED     The course bundles name filter doesn't work and removing the filter doesn't bring the results back for the user
  • TFO-592     CLOSED     Deleting the bundle name then searching for matches makes the bundle course search inaccessible
  • TFO-582     CLOSED     Cannot add courses for the Gallaudet University department A&S Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
  • TFO-581     CLOSED     Filtering by verified email and programs stops filtering by anything
  • TFO-563     CLOSED     'Find replacement course' returns different results than 'Find matches'
  • TFO-543     CLOSED     If a course is long enough the trash can is impossible to get to
  • TFO-542     CLOSED     On the course add page the add button is being smushed under the hours box
  • TFO-541     CLOSED     Ohio University isnt pulling in map information correctly
  • TFO-528     CLOSED     Transfer From - The selection box sometime moves below the College Name
  • TFO-526     CLOSED     Equivalency links switching between alt course and department are showing a text mouse icon when it should be a little link hand
  • TFO-525     CLOSED     When setting a user as done advising and filtering on the name the user reappears
  • TFO-485     CLOSED     Associate's and Bachelor's should be possessive on the school profiles
  • TFO-484     CLOSED     To be consistent with the student app we should align the course list with the courses search box in the lab app
  • TFO-476     CLOSED     Date filtering is not filtering anything
  • TFO-454     CLOSED     Lab/View Audit - Minimize screen makes both email & print icons totally disappear


  • TFO-2237     CLOSED     Add message if an evaluation exists with the course
  • TFO-2231     CLOSED     Link button behavior
  • TFO-2230     CLOSED     Additional sort options for Tes Evaluations
  • TFO-2228     CLOSED     Show 100 Tes Evaluations per page
  • TFO-2225     CLOSED     TES Evaluator role
  • TFO-2119     CLOSED     Update Security Filter-Chain-Map Parameter
  • TFO-2118     CLOSED     Remove old reference of index.js bundle
  • TFO-2096     CLOSED     Consolidate css colors into a single file
  • TFO-1854     CLOSED     Consolidate Validation between UI and Import
  • TFO-1853     CLOSED     Standardize Button Colors

Support Request

  • TFO-2113     CLOSED     Add 'return false' to Rule Popup on Popular Courses Page


  • TFO-1043    CLOSED     User cannot use the keyboard to view glossary messages in the Transfer page
  • TFO-962      CLOSED        I cannot seem to be able to use the keyboard to navigate to the Next button in the Popular Courses page


  • TFO-2267     CLOSED     Remove hyphen from Evaluation description/comment
  • TFO-2249     CLOSED     User lookup, doesn't allow viewing Lab user's audits
  • TFO-2236     CLOSED     Instruct school to define their default assignee in TES
  • TFO-2219     CLOSED     Email Replacement Course - Could we move the alert message to below the email address like we did in Email Program?
  • TFO-2200     CLOSED     Don't send COM EXTOUT in degree audit request
  • TFO-2195     CLOSED     We should make our equivs email modal more robust to match our program email modal
  • TFO-2192     CLOSED     Don't send COM EXTOUT in degree audit request
  • TFO-2189     CLOSED     School lookup - hyperlink to school profile
  • TFO-2187     CLOSED     Gracefully handle TES Eval sp errors
  • TFO-2184     CLOSED     We should add a back button from the Tes Evaluation Request page
  • TFO-2176     CLOSED     Revise TES Eval limit label
  • TFO-2163     CLOSED     Update Page Heading - From 'Source School Mapping' To 'Manage Source Schools'
  • TFO-2159     CLOSED    Copy Course Bundle Creates Mis-aligned Row
  • TFO-2153     CLOSED     Account Overview changes
  • TFO-2143     CLOSED     Dynamically Set Page Content's Margin-Top Based on NavBar Height
  • TFO-2135     CLOSED     User messages for Create Eval return codes
  • TFO-2134     CLOSED     Allow Program Admin to Run Programs
  • TFO-2133     CLOSED     Url Validation
  • TFO-2131     CLOSED     Retrieve CourseGUID when school has Local course catalog
  • TFO-2128     CLOSED     TEST Lab incorrectly saving school images to PROD server
  • TFO-2126     CLOSED     Add tes_eval_create_limit for school
  • TFO-2124     CLOSED     Fix the Alignment of the Items on the Edit Course Bundle Page
  • TFO-2123     CLOSED     Fix the Alignment on the Popular Courses and Unknown Equivs Pages
  • TFO-2122     CLOSED     Update location of Email and Print buttons on the View audit Page
  • TFO-2117     CLOSED     Check Transfer Rules Page - standardize UI
  • TFO-2114     CLOSED     Make sure every page has an h1 tag, and only ONE h1 tag
  • TFO-2106     CLOSED     Pending Audit Request - add date range
  • TFO-2104     CLOSED     Find a replacement course - only list current tables
  • TFO-2100     CLOSED     Pending audit request sort
  • TFO-2093     CLOSED     Relax strictness of Program file import valiation
  • TFO-2047     CLOSED     All Lab users with access to General Info tab, can see a school's FICE, ACT and ATP codes
  • TFO-1982     CLOSED     We should add a you are about to leave warning to user made links on the about page
  • TFO-1981     CLOSED     We should update the about edit buttons so the user can tell which ones are currently on or off
  • TFO-1980     CLOSED     Equivalency - Find replacement needs to use index instead of SQL queries
  • TFO-1930     CLOSED     TES Evaluation Workflow Integration
  • TFO-1759     CLOSED     Email Program - Please change the warning message to RED if we can
  • TFO-1544     CLOSED     Contact Emails page - Please add the label for the button with either "Remove" or "Delete" button instead of "X"
  • TFO-1543     CLOSED     Profile Preview - screen reader does not read the last user update fields
  • TFO-1542     CLOSED     When the name of the school is actually spelled out as the logo, screen reader should read the name too not just school logo
  • TFO-1377     CLOSED     Links added to the about do not pop up the 'You are about to leave transferology' message
  • TFO-881      CLOSED     Add ability for schools not using audits to be able to add unique URLs for each of their programs
  • TFO-681     CLOSED     Add necessary aacrao schools into SCHOOL table
  • TFO-643     CLOSED     We should make iflag replacement course results more friendly
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