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Transferology 1.4 Release Notes


The new Transferology 1.4 release contains over 150 issues that mostly pertain to the Transferology Lab application. The primary objective of this release is to relocate the remaining school administration functionalities from legacy to Transferology, thereby reducing or removing the need for users to interact with the older product interface. Additional non-administrative enhancements include a revised application menu structure, new troubleshooting information for pending degree audits, and the new Lab user role of Program Administrator.

Important Highlights From This Release

New administration areas in the Transferology Lab include the following:

  1. Degree programs
  2. Questions and answers
  3. Year Term Conversions
  4. School degree audit property
  5. Transferology Connector properties

All Updates for This Release

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New Feature

  • TFO-1584     CLOSED     Programs code updates
  • TFO-1580     CLOSED     Program Questions code updates


  • TFO-1860     CLOSED     Distance filter stops working (blue path)
  • TFO-1859     CLOSED     Spinner does not go away when exporting Unknown Equivalences
  • TFO-1858     CLOSED     Spinner does not go away when exporting Popular Courses
  • TFO-1850     CLOSED     Need another option for EDAG XML data method
  • TFO-1849     CLOSED     Filtering match results viewing a match then returning to the results is showing the filters but not actually doing the filtering
  • TFO-1847     CLOSED     ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when viewing match details
  • TFO-1844     CLOSED     Error Processing Request on Account Check page
  • TFO-1843     CLOSED     Manage Programs - have to click on icons twice to proceed
  • TFO-1842     CLOSED     When a school admin clicks on the Job ID of a pending request they are receiving an access denied error when they should have full access
  • TFO-1841     CLOSED     View matches from Lake Erie College - Error Processing Request
  • TFO-1839     CLOSED     Editing the dates on a custom range isnt saving on the traffic stats page
  • TFO-1838     CLOSED     Problem importing legacy formatted program file
  • TFO-1836     CLOSED     User can still adding courses when legit school name was remove and bogus school name entered
  • TFO-1834     CLOSED     On a year term conversion if you edit a conversion with 1 character term code were forcing in a second blank character causing an error to display
  • TFO-1832     CLOSED     Lab Only Blue Path - Department field is editable with no school selected
  • TFO-1828     CLOSED     On our internal tools we are displaying school lookup twice
  • TFO-1827     CLOSED     The Programs Enabled dropdown isn't saving when logged in as a school admin
  • TFO-1826     CLOSED     Options other than manage programs under Program Setup are still accessible when programs are no longer enabled
  • TFO-1824     CLOSED     Looking at matches for Lake Erie College is causing an error processing request to be thrown
  • TFO-1823     CLOSED     Looking at matches for Edinboro University of Pennsylvania is causing a no equivalencies message while equivalencies are actually showing
  • TFO-1822     CLOSED     iPad mini - User cannot view the glossary messages
  • TFO-1821     CLOSED     Find Replacement Course not using the correct month when requesting school's course catalog
  • TFO-1819     CLOSED     Program and school admins can still have access to the Connector tab
  • TFO-1818     CLOSED     We need to add a "Cancel" button in the "Add School Request" page
  • TFO-1807     CLOSED     iPad Mini / Source School Mapping, the IDQ/ID and FYT/LYT show as clickable links
  • TFO-1806     CLOSED     Hitting tab while a dropdown is open is dragging the users focus back into the dropdown
  • TFO-1804     CLOSED     iPad Mini with Landscape View - The Create Program button and Import Programs button look as if one button instead of two separate buttons
  • TFO-1799     CLOSED     User can still edit the school profile even though the edit mode was turned off
  • TFO-1797     CLOSED     Some leads appear to be missing after moving from active to archive
  • TFO-1796     CLOSED     On the school management page the auto archive leads & advisees dropdown isnt saving
  • TFO-1795     CLOSED     School administrator can't access Connector tab
  • TFO-1793     CLOSED     Rule Validation - The "Misses..." is not properly sorting
  • TFO-1792     CLOSED     Rule Validation/Match% - Should not allow user to enter any value higher 100 or negative value
  • TFO-1791     CLOSED     Running an audit with a fake program is throwing an error processing request instead of a user friendly error
  • TFO-1790     CLOSED     When a new student appears on the recruit students page clicking the archive button on that user isn't working
  • TFO-1786     CLOSED     UIOWA "Program only" programs not showing in Lab's program list
  • TFO-1785     CLOSED     In IE9 the stats page is displaying huge areas of white space at the botttom of the page
  • TFO-1784     CLOSED     In IE9 the Answers page completely breaks and throws an error
  • TFO-1783     CLOSED     Degree Program Import - error msg for 'question with description' field
  • TFO-1781     CLOSED     Clearing the filters on the source school mapping page in IE9 is reverting back to the schools home state instead of All States
  • TFO-1780     CLOSED     Only superuser can edit the Audit Run Permissions
  • TFO-1778     CLOSED     On IE9 on the front page there is encoding appearing that doesnt appear on other browsers
  • TFO-1777     CLOSED     When viewing how courses from another school might apply if you click in the open text box and hit enter an error is thrown
  • TFO-1776     CLOSED     The run program icon appears in the blue path if you clone the bundle
  • TFO-1775     CLOSED     On the glossary messages changing the message type and then re-editing the message is causing the message text to disappear
  • TFO-1774     CLOSED     User cannot send program request from the audit page anymore
  • TFO-1773     CLOSED     Trying to go to program attempts as a non-super user is causing the user to be logged out with a session timed out error
  • TFO-1771     CLOSED     Fix field label for COM override
  • TFO-1769     CLOSED     YearTerm validation in Answers
  • TFO-1768     CLOSED     When logged in as an advisor clicking the button that you are done advising a user is causing an error processing request to be thrown
  • TFO-1767     CLOSED     Course Bank Uniq is editable on the school general information page by a CS User when everything on this tab should be uneditable
  • TFO-1761     CLOSED     On the source school mapping the error for an overlapping mapping is displaying a play and pause icon and doesn't go away unless manually removed
  • TFO-1760     CLOSED     Equivalencies/Email these results - Need validation to prevent users from submitting incorrect emails
  • TFO-1758     CLOSED     We should only allow you to have one edit open at the same time on the profile preview page or add a general save button
  • TFO-1755     CLOSED     Audits for UNL aren't asking "Do you want to view how courses from another school might apply to this program?"
  • TFO-1754     CLOSED     When adding a program to a question after each entry a little sliver of green shows as if a second selection has been added but isn't showing
  • TFO-1753     CLOSED     When adding a program to a question ampersands are showing up using their HTML encoding
  • TFO-1752     CLOSED     The stats page is getting locked up and starts repeating the same graph for every school you switch to
  • TFO-1750     CLOSED     When importing a file of program questions a pseudocourse pflag error is being thrown
  • TFO-1749     CLOSED     On the student profile page manually added course titles are showing as clickable links when they shouldn't be
  • TFO-1748     CLOSED     On the course matches page page a filter of 'Less than 25 miles' is displaying results equal to 25 miles
  • TFO-1747     CLOSED     Pop-up window should be displaying when user tries to add exact same exams multiple times in the same year
  • TFO-1746     CLOSED     We should not allow user to enter ALL special characters in the Term Code field when adding or editing year term conversion
  • TFO-1745     CLOSED     We should not allow all special characters or all letters in the FYT/LYT fields when adding or editing program
  • TFO-1744     CLOSED     Chrome & IE - The Edit buttons in the school profile page are not lining up correctly and confusing
  • TFO-1742     CLOSED     The Recruit & Advise Students pages not functioning
  • TFO-1741     CLOSED     The shared image isn't displaying on the blue path when a bundle is shared
  • TFO-1740     CLOSED     On the manage programs page the trash can column header image is causing the mouse cursor to turn into a hand as if its clickable when it shouldn't be
  • TFO-1736     CLOSED     If you attempt to create a year term conversion after editing one transferology is holding onto the values of the previously edited conversion
  • TFO-1735     CLOSED     Entering a course month of anything but beginning when editing a year term conversion is causing an error processing request to display
  • TFO-1734     CLOSED     On year term conversions when editing a conversion with a start term equal to yes transferology is defaulting the value back to no
  • TFO-1733     CLOSED     Manage Programs - Edit and Delete icons are not displaying in the right columns
  • TFO-1732     CLOSED     When trying to correct the data in the FYT field, "Error processing request" appeared
  • TFO-1731     CLOSED     Transferology isn't saving the audit data formatter when it is set to Legacy
  • TFO-1730     CLOSED     Cancel Year Term Conversion does not clear the previous data
  • TFO-1729     CLOSED     IE11/Lab Green path - view matches and then clicked on "Return to search", it did return but it continues to load the page at the same time
  • TFO-1727     CLOSED     Ask and Order should be in the same line (text moves around when max chars enter into description field)
  • TFO-1726     CLOSED     Enter Max chars into the description field for the question causes the Program Number to display below the Program
  • TFO-1725     CLOSED     Incorrect redirect back to index.htm when using "/" as original url
  • TFO-1724     CLOSED     Enter exactly 500 chars into the program description field does not work
  • TFO-1723     CLOSED     When adding a follow up question to an answer, the Answers page isn't automatically updating
  • TFO-1722     CLOSED     The bookmark star on the audit is being shoved way off to the side
  • TFO-1721     CLOSED     A program added with the maximum amount of characters is causing the program information and run program columns to get pushed outside of their specified box
  • TFO-1720     CLOSED     When click on the "Request Lab Account" link, nothing happens
  • TFO-1719     CLOSED     CSCC - add question to a program, got error processing
  • TFO-1718     CLOSED     When entering more than 8 characters in the Equivalency Instid field an error processing request is being thrown
  • TFO-1717     CLOSED     When entering the max number of characters in Equivalency Instidq an error processing request is thrown
  • TFO-1716     CLOSED     When editing a Managed Program the Audit Instcd Override box is starting the user with a few blank characters
  • TFO-1715     CLOSED     View Programs list for Indiana State University - got "Error Processing Your Request"
  • TFO-1714     CLOSED     When audit run permissions are set to No One we are still allowing users to run audits from the manage programs page
  • TFO-1713     CLOSED     When logged in as a school admin the user can edit the audit run permissions for a school but has no way to save it
  • TFO-1712     CLOSED     We are not requiring manage program codes to be unique
  • TFO-1711     CLOSED     On the manage programs page we should not allow a user to enter a name or a code of 1 space
  • TFO-1710     CLOSED     On the manage programs page we are restricting the name to 100 characters but our documentation indicates it should be 150
  • TFO-1709     CLOSED     Filtering the manage programs doesn't change the number found at the top of the page as it does in other areas of the app
  • TFO-1696     CLOSED     Filter spacing
  • TFO-1694     CLOSED     Cannot update glossary message
  • TFO-1691     CLOSED     Editing the schools information links in the staged version of the lab is causing an error processing request
  • TFO-1687     CLOSED     In the staging environment on the blue path Northhampton Community College a 4 dollar sign school shows up when were filtering to only show up to 3 dollar signs
  • TFO-1685     CLOSED     Can't delete user from group
  • TFO-1683     CLOSED     Check transfer rules does not correctly match course dept
  • TFO-1655     CLOSED     School can't disable equivs public when no general contact emails exist
  • TFO-1623     CLOSED     American Territories aren't currently shown in the Lab's equivalency related pages
  • TFO-1394     CLOSED     View Equivalencies - school with a very long name causes the state to overlap each other
  • TFO-1172     CLOSED     Excel export buttons don't match on all pages in the lab
  • TFO-1070     CLOSED     NVDA - screen reader does not read the phone image, it only reads the parenthesis and the number.
  • TFO-1069     CLOSED     NVDA - screen reader does not read the address in the dialog box
  • TFO-1064     CLOSED     Recruit Students/Active Leads - the scrollbar moves up when using the keyboard to try to view message in that last email requested


  • TFO-1763     CLOSED     Update file record format documentation
  • TFO-1704     CLOSED     Screens to add/edit yearterm conversions
  • TFO-1682     CLOSED     Degree Audit troubleshooting and the Program audit role
  • TFO-1653     CLOSED     Import/Export Functionality
  • TFO-1621     CLOSED     Show job_queue_list and job_queue_sysin details of an audit
  • TFO-1619     CLOSED     Show status and details of the audit
  • TFO-1593     CLOSED     Import/Export Functionality
  • TFO-1587     CLOSED     Replace references to cas program types
  • TFO-1586     CLOSED     Create UI for managing programs
  • TFO-1585     CLOSED     Database Changes
  • TFO-1582     CLOSED     UI for Managing Program Questions
  • TFO-1538     CLOSED     Replace references to cas_yearterm_conversion
  • TFO-1536     CLOSED     Database changes


  • TFO-1864     CLOSED     Check CSI View role
  • TFO-1863     CLOSED     What's New- Lab
  • TFO-1862     CLOSED     What's New- Student
  • TFO-1852     CLOSED     Revise Phase 2 - Degree Program setup support page
  • TFO-1837     OPEN     Fix several schools location on usage map
  • TFO-1829     CLOSED     Reverse meaning of 'Program Current Year Only'
  • TFO-1817     CLOSED     Restrict Connector tab access
  • TFO-1798     CLOSED     Field-level security
  • TFO-1707     CLOSED     Debug Checkbox for Audit Requests
  • TFO-1706     CLOSED     Move Program Requests to Programs page
  • TFO-1701     OPEN     Ensure student course import is working properly
  • TFO-1700     OPEN     Ensure degree audits are working
  • TFO-1672     CLOSED     Upgrade JQuery UI
  • TFO-1535     CLOSED     Move YearTerm Conversion management to Lab
  • TFO-1521     CLOSED     Check for new versions of template libraries


  • TFO-1871     RESOLVED     Improve performance when loading bundle list for audit request
  • TFO-1869     CLOSED     Revise smtp.server property to use San Diego private IPs
  • TFO-1866     RESOLVED     Add links to Export/Import file formats
  • TFO-1865     CLOSED     Pending Audit Request - restrict run again action
  • TFO-1830     CLOSED     Student messages shown - BLUE path
  • TFO-1825     CLOSED     Show mini TFO Lab logo when window resolution is smaller
  • TFO-1815     CLOSED     Add audit display URLs to Connector tab
  • TFO-1814     CLOSED     Restrict several Program Setup children links/pages to schools with audits
  • TFO-1813     CLOSED     Move Audit tab to Audit Setup page
  • TFO-1812     CLOSED     Audit sidebar field
  • TFO-1811     CLOSED     Audit Run Permissions field
  • TFO-1810     CLOSED     Programs Enabled field
  • TFO-1794     CLOSED     Pending Degree Audit Request view
  • TFO-1789     CLOSED     We should prevent the pnotify from signaling if a user moves a question but never changes its position
  • TFO-1762     CLOSED     Program data and file import/export field changes
  • TFO-1756     CLOSED     The auto complete drop downs don't highlight the current selection in the list
  • TFO-1751     CLOSED     We should make it so you can scroll a large import error message
  • TFO-1703     CLOSED     Lab Menu redesign
  • TFO-1699     CLOSED     Replace remaining cas_institution and cas_settings dependencies
  • TFO-1697     CLOSED     Fix branding links
  • TFO-1684     CLOSED     Popular Courses showing confusing rules
  • TFO-1681     CLOSED     New role Program Admin
  • TFO-1670     CLOSED     indicate when a bundle was shared
  • TFO-1669     CLOSED     Don't show empty bundles in list for sending audit course work
  • TFO-1665     RESOLVED     Create a new school
  • TFO-1663     CLOSED     Subscription type on Account Overview page
  • TFO-1660     CLOSED     hide Program stats tab for non audit schools
  • TFO-1618     CLOSED     Degree Audit Troubleshooting
  • TFO-1610     CLOSED     Display/modify non subscriber school information
  • TFO-1609     CLOSED     Search and list schools
  • TFO-1607     CLOSED     Tweak student messages shown when student looks for particular school - GREEN path
  • TFO-1597     CLOSED     Provide tab/page for school admin to maintain audit fields
  • TFO-1577     CLOSED     Sort stats options
  • TFO-1271     CLOSED     Prompt user when adding a duplicate course for the same term
  • TFO-444     CLOSED     CLONE - more specific text in history
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